Affiliate Elite – The Unfair Affiliate Marketing Advantage! Kiss Your Competition Goodbye!

Affiliate Elite was created by Brad Callen as the third generation of marketing software that actually works. Unlike previous software such as SEO Elite (mainly for Search Engine Optimization) and Keyword Elite (mainly for finding only the profitable keywords to target) Affiliate Elite is for maximizing your Google Adwords Campaigns through research.

I am sure most of you know what The Google Adwords program is all about, but for those few who are not sure, search for just about anything and checkout the ads on the right hand side. People pay to place adds in the sponsored area of Google and the price can range from $0.01 all the way up to $25.00 or more for a single click, depending on how popular the niche your tying to market is at the time you place your ad. Google Adwords can cost the publisher (the person placing the ad) a lot of money without any returns. If the publisher does do the proper research into the market being targeted the publisher will never get a good ROI (Return On Investment).

Affiliate Elite actually should be banned because it steals, hacks, and invades the privacy of your competitor’s money making Google marketing campaigns. You can view your which campaigns your competitors are doing well on, then copy their tactics and change the ads slightly for your own profits. You can even knock your competitor out of the race all together and steal all the profits for yourself legally!

Let me give you an example of how not having a copy of this software can hurt you in the long run. If you have been working with Google Adwords you know first hand how important the keywords and the structure of your ads can be. Especially if you have been working on them for the last 2 or 3 months, spending money testing, tweaking and then retesting again, to finally get the adds almost on auto-pilot where you start making more money than you spend each month. Then Affiliate Elite comes out of the blue and hands over all of your hard work straight to your competitors! Who in your right mind would hand over all of their hard work that has been put into your Google ads so that your competitors make money? Hopefully Nobody! Actually the last thing you need is competition on successful working Google campaigns!

There are four reasons why your competition could have an unfair advantage over you.

  1. Affiliate Elite will actually find profitable affiliate products for you to promote! – Affiliate Elite connects with some of the popular affiliate programs in order to help you find the products that are currently the hottest items. This software can also help you find the products that sell well, but do not have very many people promoting the software at any moment, which could means that you can get jump on the competition.
  2. Another the great feature is the Reverse Google Search – All you have to do is input the domain of the product in that you wish to compete against. The software will automatically output all the keywords used to bring traffic to that domain and all the ads used to promote the site. It even brings up the successful adwords of the competing competitors if you wish. Affiliate Elite actually uses Google’s inner workings to bring up the exact successful ad campaigns that your competitor is using to make him/her money and all you have to do is copy the ad word for word to have the same success. I recommend actually changing the ad copy slightly to keep your unsuspecting victim from getting mad at you, for knocking over his gold mine and hard work.
  3. Next you can Analyze Google AdWords Competition – This has the same function as the input to Google Adwords where it will ask you to create a sample campaign and keywords, and it will then find all the ads in that campaign and let you know how many people are showing their ads for that same exact keyword phase. This is a great tool to check out how many competitors are in the market for the ad campaign that your trying to target.
  4. Find the Super Affiliates to promote your product – If you already have a product to sell and need to get it on the market really fast it helps to ask the super affiliates for help! Affiliate Elite will help you find the top marketers who will promote your site to hundreds of thousands of people with a few simple clicks. All you have to do is find a product that is similar to yours and this amazing software will give you the contact details of the people who promoted that product or service. I recommend only contacting the top affiliates manually. Do not automate this step in the process and you can see some amazing results from personally contacting each one.

Affiliate Elite comes with an entire site devoted to give you support with videos and a marketing forum to help you along the way. All software are also free for as long as you own the software, another great feature of what we come to expect from Brad.

For more information this product or other marketing related product or services please visit my website called “Is That a Scam” My website will let you know which products are worth buying and which products are just scam to avoid at all costs! If you find a product or service and I don’t offer a review let me know about it, and we will do the leg work so that you can buy the product or service or to stay away from it like a plaque!


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