Zero Cost Commissions – One Positive Review

After purchasing a product called Zero Cost Commissions and after reading all 100 pages of PDF content, I have come to the conclusion that this is a very well meaning product and it is especially adept to the newbie in internet marketing.

Zero Cost Commissions is a 100-page e-book and software package that shows how to build review websites containing affiliate links to selected ClickBank or other e-store products. For most experienced marketers, this may be elementary but for those new on the scene the PDF contains a ton of good information. I was a little disappointed with the misspelled words and grammar, but it inspired and motivated me to implement the concepts. Building back links to your sales site is vital to traffic generation, list building and sales. Customers come from that traffic. Back links generated using the forum of product reviews is simply genius. What’s more, it is simple to understand. While some of Zero Cost Commission’s claims are a little short (like not needing a web site), I felt the $37 I paid for the PDF was worth every penny. I am not familiar with how well the automation software works but I will try it to see if it does what it claims. If it works, I will update this review.

I also read other reviews of the product and saw a lot of negative blog comments. While I agree with some of them, most seemed to be tearing down the ZCC product to prop up another. I was also suspicious of some of the posts because they seemed to be comments of many that have not yet tried the product. Most negative comments were directed at customer service and response time. I have not had experience with this but I assume that this new product is seeing explosive growth.

This EzineArticle is an example of how the ZCC concept works to build back link traffic for free. It may take a long time without automation but by consistently putting content to the web and focusing on key words containing the name of the reviewed product, traffic will happen!

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