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For those who don’t know, auto blogging has become an everyday business. And let me tell you friends, business is booming. So when I saw Auto Blog System X, I knew it was something that either made real money, or didn’t. So I got an early copy of this 60 page strategy guide, and I began a 20 day test. This way at launch time, I could effectively review the tactics and tell others what to expect. Believe it or not, I actually care about other marketers and whether they should spend time and money on new methods. Isn’t that crazy?

If you’ve read Blogging to the Bank, then you know Rob cuts through the fluff when it comes to teaching you his marketing tactics. If you haven’t read it, I suggest checking it out familiarize yourself with his methods. Much of what is contained in BTTB is also incorporated within Auto Blog System X, so read it if you haven’t yet.

So what are the ups and downs with Rob Benwell’s New Course? Does it really work like advertised?

I don’t like many “systems”, in fact I’m sure you’ve been to endless amounts of pages promising you riches, fast cars and beautiful women, as long as your purchase their push-button overnight “wealth system”.. The look of these types of sites will be forever burned to the back of my brain. I wasted thousands of my own money on these scams.

But honestly, I think Rob is on to something with this one. Although some of his earlier methods have died out a bit, I still say he has a genius marketing mind.

I got a copy of this system and tried it for exactly 20 days, and the results I got were actually more than expected. It has occurred to me that auto blogs have a huge income potential. In the short 20 days, and with not much work, I made around 5 figures. I suggest trying your own auto blogging adventure and see what it can do for you.

Auto Blog System X

The Most Powerful Automated Money Machine
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