Ewen Chia has just launched his first Super Affiliate Membership Club. In this review, I will talk more about Ewen Chia rather than his membership site. This is because it is important to consider the integrity and honesty of a person before you join a membership site. Unlike buying a product, joining a membership club requires constant commitment because of the monthly subscription.

Ewen Chia is a man who is unheard of before 1993. Before that, he is like the majority of the newbies who first started out in internet marketing. Driven by the promises of internet marketing, he works very hard every night after his hectic work. Like many people, he struggled for years without much success. If you have been researching him in EzineArticles for the articles he has written, you can see that almost all his articles are on promoting credit cards which I think was the in-thing at that time.

Fast forward to 1993, he got his first break at affiliate marketing. Since then he had partnered with Johan Mok and had been creating breakthrough after breakthrough in his ventures. Both of them has complemented quite well with each other. He has been participating in many affiliate competitions where he clinched top positions in almost all of them and this earned him his super affiliate title. He has also been coming up with very good products like Secret Affiliate Weapon and Autopilot Profits. Most of the people who bought his products should agree that the quality is top notch. He has also won the best speaker prize in the World Internet Summit.

What is most surprising about his accomplishments is that his strategies are very down to earth and can be learned by any people who are willing to learn and take action. And if you are willing to put in the commitment to become a super affiliate like him, I suggest you join his elite membership before the doors get slammed shut. Hype or Truth, it is up to you to decide for yourself.


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