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I guess you’ve probably figured out by now that building your website was only the beginning of your online money making adventure. You still need traffic! One of the best free methods of getting traffic is by building backlinks to help your page get found and pushed up in Googles rankings. Here’s a free tool I made to help.

It’s nothing fancy, in fact it’s just the opposite. It is basically a list of websites in a navigation frame that will open the corresponding website in the main frame making it easier for you to submit your content and keep track of your progress while doing it.

This is the way I used to do it before getting started with Magic Submitter (btw, they will let you use Magic Submitter for an entire month for $5 if you want to try it out). Granted it takes a lot more time and effort to do it by hand but at least it’s possible and hopefully can help you start making some money until you are ready to automate.

When submitting content to these sites there are a couple things I want you to keep in mind.

1. Always place a link on your submitted content to the products sales page you are promoting as well as a link to your own website. I make plenty of sales where people clicked straight through to the product and purchased rather than visiting my site which is really what you want anyway. The link to your website is still there providing link juice so it’s still doing its job.

2. Remember, that while you may be building these free blogs/sites for the purpose of increasing your search engine rankings with the backlinks  there will be real people reading what you post. This means that by using content spinning software improperly where it spits out a bunch of jibberish will more than likely kill any chance you have of actual visitors reading what you posted and clicking through on the links. It also increases the chances of your accounts being removed/banned.

So if you intend to spin your content, which you should, make sure you are using it correctly so that you get the benefit of the backlink plus the added bonus of having actual people click through to your website or directly to the sponsor. Read my Magic Article Rewriter Review for some  tips on generating high quality spun content.

3. If you are building linkwheels and not just backlinks, make sure you change the submission order around each time so that you aren’t always linking the same sites to each other.

You may read where people say that linkwheels are dead, they don’t work, etc… And, I’m not an seo expert so I can’t say 100% whether they are right and wrong. I can say that I have seen my own pages move up drastically in the rankings after linkwheeling and have made thousands of dollars as a direct result of these little blogs/websites.

Also, don’t forget that you are having the opportunity to make direct contact with actual people on other websites and so it is not just a tool to move you up in the rankings as that’s not something that I ever focus on entirely because becoming too dependent on search engine traffic can be dangerous to your finances. I prefer building other (ie. non google) traffic streams to my sites and I would encourage you to also.

Ok, Ready? You can get started here “Free Linkwheel Backlink Tool“.

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