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Forum Marketing Strategies

The foundation for any successful online business is traffic. Without traffic, your online internet business is doomed to an early retirement.  One way to reach super niche targeted markets looking for the products you have to offer is by becoming active in online community forums. There are some things to watch out for but mastering this can lead to your early retirement.

Forums, known as internet communities are a place where like minded individuals can get together and share information or just socialize. Now, just imagine that you had written an ebook about pets. Maybe something on how to make sure the pet food you are buying is safe or how to train a stubborn puppy. Now imagine that instead of spending a lot of money on paid advertising, you could visit an online community devoted to pet owners.

By joining and establishing yourself as a knowledgable person in this area of expertise, your recommendations will be considered more relevant to those seeking information contained in your product than when it comes from someone who has not established themselves through community contribution and reputation.

The beauty part is this works regardless of whether you are creating and selling your own products or affiliate marketing other peoples products.

There is a fine line between establshing yourself as an expert and recommending your product or affliate product at the right time and being looked at as a spammer but that is a more in depth discussion than time will permit here so if you want to learn more about that, you can download the Highly Effective Forum Marketing materials, includes detailed video instruction that make it easy to follow along with and learn from.

Forums exist for nearly every subject imaginable.

Do a google search for any subject your can think of and add the word “forum” to it and see what the results are.


quit smoking forum
parenting forum
boating forum
golf forum

You’ll see there are dozens if not hundreds of forums you could be actively participating and promoting in.

How Do You Market Your Product In Forums?

Many forums allow you to have a “signature” at the bottom of each post you make. This is done with what is commonly referred to as bbcode, which is slightly different than html. Again download the Highly Effective Forum Marketing materials for detailed instructions.

Many sites do not allow signatures but do have a “profile” area which people can view to learn more about you. It’s kind of like your bio and you can enter information such as where you are located, your age, interests, website, etc..

Depending on the size of your niche, the number of related forums, the number of different products you promote, you may be wondering how you can keep up with it all.

One way is to subscribe to threads which you are participating in, this will send you a notification whenever there is a new post and you can pop back in and keep up with the conversation.

An advanced method is to use a service like “Board Tracker” which monitors over 37,000 forums and will alert you when pre-defined search terms are “found” on a board.

This gives you a unique opportunity to be the first in a new thread to offer your knowledge or services.

Some search terms you may have used if you were going along with the “pet owners” products we mentioned above could be, “training my puppy”, “unsafe dog food”, “healthy dog food”, etc..

You would definitely want to include your name, website and product name in your search terms as it will give you the ability to closely monitor when someone is posting about you or your product and give you a chance to make a “timely” appearance which also lends to your credibility as an active forum member.

You’ll need to spend some time in the forums to find targeted search terms which may apply to your products or services. If you aren’t getting enough Board Tracker alerts, enter more broad key phrases, if you are getting too many, trim them down by using more targeted and specific terms.

Forum marketing can be a very lucrative method of driving traffic and generating sales if done correctly. To most effectively use form marketing as a viable tool, I strongly urge you to download the Highly Effective Forum Marketing materials and for more information, you could also check out Forum Traffic Secrets.


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