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New Ebook Download Section Added To Wahguide

Whether you’re brand new to internet marketing or an experienced hand, you’ve seen ebooks and/or software packages ranging anywhere up to hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Often times, that is just more than you need to spend when you’re really just looking for some basic information on a subject. This is why I’ve included the new ebook download section for your (financial) convienience.

Don’t get me wrong, many expensive products are well worth the money. Most of them are in fact. If they weren’t they would be hit by a barrage of refund requests, get a bad reputation and no one would promote them but sometimes you just aren’t at a point where you need to spend big bucks.

For instance, let’s just say that you were considering Article Marketing as a way to drive some traffic to your site to either build a list, make some sales or gain new members to your membership site.

You could go right out and purchase something like…

New Article Submitter Software – Brand Spanking New Article Submission Software Lets You Instantly Submit Your Articles To Over 660 High Quality Articles Directories!

Now mind you, this will set you back $167. While it may well be worth that price, it’s not if you’re not even sure whether article marketing is something you are really interested in doing or can do. So maybe, you would like to get a good overview from something in the “report” category rather than a full blown product.  You can always invest more into the tools once you have the basics under your belt and want to continue pursuing that avenue of marketing.


\\::: Drumroll Please ::://

The Work At Home $7 Report Directory

You will now be able to purchase and immediately download reports on a wide range of subjects such as… AdSense, AdWords, Affiliate Mktg., Articles/PLR, Auctions, Blogs, Business, Computers, Copywriting, Internet Marketing, Introduction To, List Building, Niche Markets, SEO, Tools, Traffic, Video.

I say “$7″ Reports, many of them are FREE while a few will be slightly more.

I say “Reports”, many are actually much more substantial and the word “report” really doesn’t do them justice. All will provide you with the knowledge necessary to fearlessly venture onto different pathways. Each has a description so you will know exactly what information will be provided in the “Report”.

I’m part way through adding these products into the system but wanted to go ahead and make this announcement post as many of you email me daily with questions regarding these very subjects and while I enjoy helping out in any way I can, I’m sure that there is no way I can articulate to you the wealth of information you will find in these reports with my limited time and writing abilities.

I hope you find these useful!

Here’s the link one more time in case you actually read this far and didn’t click the link above, lol

The Work At Home $7 Report Directory


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