You may already know how powerful WordPress can be to build your online business with. The plugins available make it extremely powerful and it can be used for almost any type of site you want from regular blogs to membership sites to full blown retail stores. But did you know about the Auto Social Poster plugin? It’s the golden wrench in your internet marketing toolbox. Here’s why you don’t want to be without it.

If you’re already involved in internet marketing you already know how important traffic is to making sales, if you’re new, you will discover this fact soon enough. It doesn’t matter how unique your website is, how awesome the products you sell are or how much time and work you’ve put into it. Without traffic, you will get no sales.

As simple as it sound, traffic = sales. It’s all a numbers game, the more traffic you get, the more sales you will make. Of course there are other variable like how well written your sales pages are, etc.. but regardless of the conversion ratios, the more traffic you send, the more sales you make.

I hope I’ve made that clear! It’s one of the biggest reasons why people fail at making money online. They have a great idea, find a great niche, spend the time writing quality content. They tweak their pages to perfection and then they sit back and scratch their heads wondering where all the sales are. If you’ve seen the movie “Field of Dreams”, you’ve heard the phrase “If you build it, they will come”. That does not apply to your website!! They will not come, you have to go out and get them.

It doesn’t matter whether you are creating and selling your own products or whether you are affiliate marketing other peoples products. If no one enters your store (your website), you can not make any sales, it is physically impossible.

That’s where Auto Social Poster (WordPress Plugin) comes in.

Auto Social Poster uses advanced technology to harness the power of Web 2.0 without you spending all of your time visiting and bookmarking your pages on popular social bookmarking sites like propeller, furl, backflip, google bookmarks and literally thousands of other sites including the popular scuttle sites, this means you can work on creating more content pages or working on another product or building another affiliate marketing website. You spend your time more productively.

Imagine the difference it will make in your sales when you receive hundreds or thousands of people to your website instead of two or three that accidentally find you.

Imagine the difference it can make with all of those websites linking back to yours in the search engines. How would you like to do a google search and actually find your site on the first page of results. That’s free, targeted trafficand the ultimate goal of every internet marketer.

Auto Social Poster Pro has many advanced features, like..

Bookmarks randomly and doesn’t just dump in your links like other software. This is extremely powerful.

Option to post to random bookmark sites, very powerful, looks more natural.

Works on all your blogs. Use WordPress MU to mass create blogs for even more juice.

Ability to setup and post to multiple accounts (ie: you could set up 20 user accounts at Furl.

Ability to automatically convert post tags for Technorati

Ability to use pre-set tags for your micro-niche blogs

Ability to email you progress reports


The downside? It’s not cheap! If it were, everybody would use and it would be rendered worthless in no time.

The ASP Gold -25,000x sells for $99 and is valid for 25,000 bookmarks.

The ASP Gold – 100,000x sells for $199 and is valid for 100,000 bookmarks

The ASP Gold – 1,000,000x sells for $299 and is valid for 1,000,000 bookmarks

To get a better understanding of the raw, traffic driving power of Auto Social Poster and see it in action…



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