Perhaps you are interested in becoming a mystery shopper also known as a secret shopper but weren’t sure what the job entails, if there are any mystery shopper jobs in your area and whether or not it is even a legitimate opportunity.

The good news is that mystery shopper jobs are real and you can actually get paid to shop though it’s important to associate yourself with a reputable company, one with national coverage and that has a proven track record of getting good secret shopper jobs with known businesses.

A common question people have about mystery shopper jobs is…

Why Would a Company Pay Someone to Shop?

That’s a good question with an easy answer. Simply put, these companies want to test their employees and establishments to insure that their customers are being provided with a positive experience, one that will keep them coming back.

They could and do send their internal auditing employees in to check things out but coming from a corporate enviroment myself, it’s no secret when your location is expecting someone from home office. The word gets out and the employees work hard to get the location in tip top shape with everyone on their best behavior. These companies want to see their business through the eyes of a normal customer.

Things like…

  • Were you treated well?
  • Were you left with a negative or positive overall impression?
  • Were the business associates courteous to you?
  • Were there any other issues the company should know about?

These are the types of questions mystery shoppers get to answer!

Another common question from those thinking of becoming paid mystery shoppers is…

How Much Money Can a Secret Shopper Make?

This really depends on what area you live in and how much secret shopping work is available in your area. There is one woman the NY Times reported about who makes $7000 a month as a mystery shopper.

Another factor in determining your income potential is how flexible your schedule is. If you make yourself available and become dependable, you will get more work.

What Are My Responsibilites As a Secret Shopper?

When you accept an assignment, you will be given detailed instructions as to what you should purchase and what information you should request of the employees and what details about the business you should take note of. When finished with your shop, you will follow the instructions to get that information to them and to get paid.

One of the perks of mystery shopping is that you not only get paid for the assignment, you get paid for the products and service AND you get to keep them! Another perk is that some assignments will require you bring additional people with you so you could enjoy a nice lunch out with your friends or a family night out at an expensive restaurant all on the companies tab.

This is a business that has been around for a long, long time and will continue to thrive. As the economy suffers, the need for businesses to insure that they stay competetive and are providing their customers with a pleasant experience, one that will keep them coming back and ultimately help them stay afloat and even prosper through these difficult times.

If you are ready to become a paid mystery shopper, visit Shop Until You Drop for all the latest news & shopping assignments with a database sortable by city, state or by zip code from over one hundred companies and you may even sign up to receive job notifications via email if interested.

Become A Paid Mystery Shopper!


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