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How to Become a Certified Internet Marketing Specialist

The Internet Marketing Certification Program is made up of of twenty seven easy procedures spread over 8 learning modules. 6 of the 8 modules directly relate to the 6 steps of our methodology, with an additional 2 training modules dedicated to cutting edge strategies.

The steps are all simple to understand and implement, and you’ll execute them all with guidance from an instructor, along with help from our point and click internet business learning software system, making the Program perfect for you if you’ve already attempted numerous times to start an internet business, without success.

Training Module One: Discover Your Market

This foundation module provides you effective and practical tools to locate an unexploited market and achieve a substantial advantage for the launch of your internet business. You will systematically brainstorm your own interests, and analyze potential markets, search patterns, and search engine statistics, utilizing the integrated internet business training software to simplify all of these actions.

Training Module Two: Product Development

This module explores the product models most generally used by internet marketers, and gives you the ability to choose the most suitable merchandise type for the needs of your marketplace and ebusiness.

Training Module Three: Salescopy

Salescopy is a significant ingredient of any ecommerce website, standing in for the sales associate in a brick and mortar business. This module teaches you the formulation we’ve developed for producing compelling, high-converting text. You will employ the included internet business training software to follow the formulation, making development of your salescopy “point and click” easy.

Training Module Four: Website Development

During this training module, you will use our proprietary business building tool to design and construct your website from square one. The point-and-click technology built into this application makes building a website from scratch quick and easy, regardless of your skill level.

Training Module Five: Pay-Per-Click Promotions

The fastest way of getting interested visitors to your new web site is by way of pay per click (ppc) advertising. In this module, you’ll become skilled at how to create a profitable pay-per-click strategy that will bring high quality prospects to your website instantly, for minimum expenditure.

Training Module Six: Advanced Traffic Generation

Getting coveted rankings in the search engines is vital to your success, driving unlimited amounts of interested visitors. In Module 6, you will learn how to effectively set up your website for the serps, then use additional “off-site” strategies to continue improving your serp rankings.

Training Module Seven: Seo (Search Engine Optimization)

In this module, we’ll show you how to use blogs, social networking, and Web 2.0 to build massive amounts of devoted subscribers. Setting yourself up as a competent source of information will boost your web site’s search engine ranking for your target keywords and phrases, bringing you even more interested visitors.

Training Module Eight: Testing and Tracking

One of the primary values we impress upon you is: “Test everything, assume nothing.” In this module, you will learn about the key dimensions to track, how to interpret the output, and how to test different elements of your marketing campaign. You will use the “dashboard” in the internet business training application to keep track of your most important metrics.

Questions About Whether the Certification Program is Right for You? We’ve Got Answers…

Click the following link to learn more about the Internet Marketing Specialist Certification Program, a self-paced virtual training program that offers students the knowledge, tools, and support they need to start successful online businesses… plus qualify as “Certified Internet Marketing Specialists,” and earn consulting fees helping others with their sites.

Based on the simple, step-by-step methodology we developed in the process of earning over $100 million in online sales, the Certification Program is the ideal choice for anyone who is either new to online business, or has been struggling to start making money, with no results.


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