8 Legitimate Ways You Can Get Paid to Type

You’ve seen the ads and maybe you’ve even checked out a sales page or two but by now I think that everyone knows that most of these are slightly misleading. I mean, sitting around in your pajamas, sipping a cup of coffee at your kitchen table and getting paid to sit there and type sounds very tempting doesn’t it. But honestly do you believe even for one second that someone can really get paid to just sit around and type? Well actually you can but it’s not what you might think.

Those get paid to type ads are purposefully vague. They generally don’t tell you exactly what you will be typing. Some may say that you will by typing tiny ads for major businesses that will pay you or something along those lines.

The truth is, I’m typing right now! That’s right, I’m sitting at home (not in my pajamas and not at the kitchen table though), I’m sipping a cup of coffee and I’m typing this post and yes, this post will make some money so therefore, one could conclude that I’m getting paid to type though the getting paid part is a by product of my typing. It’s not as if someone is actually paying me directly for my typing efforts.

Let’s look at some other legitimate ways you can get paid to type.

1. Get Paid to TypeThrough Blogging

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to get set up online. By using free blogging services like Googles blogspot or the most popular blogging software, WordPress, hosted on your own server through a webhosting company like HostGator which offers accounts for as little as $4.95/mo though their $7.95 plan offers unlimited domain names so you can start and run an unlimited number of blogs.

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Blog Mastermind. Learn How To Make Money Blogging. The blog mastermind coaching program led by six-figure Yaro Starak teaches you how to set up and profit from a successful blog. Start making money from blogs by following this step-by-step, weekly coaching program. You too can master the exact system Yaro uses to make a minimum of $10,000 to as much as $35,000 per month, blogging part time.

2. Get Paid to Type Through Writing Articles

Article marketing is a super powerful way to get targeted traffic back to your website. Most articles are only about 350-450 words and can be on just about any subject you can imagine. Once you have typed an article, you submit to article directories where people will read your article and then follow links at the bottom of your articles back to your website where you will be able to offer them a product for sale. It’s a great way to make money and build backlinks to your website.

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The Amazing Article Formula. Amazingly simple, step-by-step, exclusive formula will show you how to write articles that bring hordes of traffic and targeted buyers to your website!

3. Get Paid to Type Through Pay Per Click Advertising

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Keyword Elite 2.0: Dominate Google Adwords: Instantly… Yes, and I said instantly, AND with very little money by seeing who is already running a profitable Adwords campaign and then “borrow” their entire Adwords marketing strategy shown by the software for your own profitable campaign! If you don’t understand Google Adwords, it doesn’t matter. The software is Fool Proof.

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4. Get Paid to Type Through Online Classified Ads

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The Classified Connection. Are you looking to automate your free classified postings? Are you still typing free classified ads one-by-one?  You do realize that there are literally millions of free online classifieds and submitting to as little as 10 ads by hand can take hours.  In the time it takes you to type-in & submit just 10 ads, The Classified Connection will have submitted and posted thousands of free classified ads.

5. Get Paid to Type Through Google Adsense

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Adsense Big. Adsense is a program by Google which you plug a little code into any website and Google shows some text advertising on the website. Whenever some visitor clicks on an ad you get paid anywhere from 0.10 cents to $20 per click depending on the keywords. I won’t just tell you how to make money online with adsense, I will give you the exact website I use so you can copy me.

6. Get Paid to Type Through Twitter Marketing

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Tweetomatic Profiteer. You’re about to find out how a guy who, 3 years ago, didn’t even know what a web browser was, together with a friend who was stuck in his miserable corporate job, created a simple $13k a month system…and now they’re handing you the exact same blueprint. With our software we’ve also prepared an explosive manual, with all the tips and tricks to help you make the most of the software and hit the consistent income we know you can achieve.

7. Get Paid to Type Through Ghost Writing

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Write For Profit. One of the most basic building blocks of online success is that of quality writing skills. If you have the fundamental knowledge needed to use a computer and put sentences together in a way that is interesting and informative, then provide you with a treasure trove of details. Your online writing education will include everything from article writing basics to how to build a busisness from your writing services.

8. Get Paid to Type Through Writing and Selling Ebooks

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Internet Marketing Specialist Program. Unlike other virtual training programs, we don’t just hand you the theory and leave you to apply it on your own. The Internet Marketing Specialist Program includes the tools you’ll need to build your site, plus all the help you need from our experts to do it! You’ll apply each lesson as you learn it, so you graduate with a fully functioning website already getting eager shoppers.

So, there you have it. As you can see, there are at least 8 different legitimate ways that you can make money typing from home. Just pick the method that you feel fits you the best and give it a go!

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