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How to Sell Things on eBay – 3 Must Know Picture Taking Tips

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and this holds true when you sell things on eBay as well. It is near impossible to sell things on eBay without a good picture. In this article, I’ll discuss the 3 qualities that every picture you post to sell things on eBay should possess.

Clear Picture

No one likes looking at fuzzy pictures, especially when the picture that they’re looking at is of something they’re considering buying. Not only does submitting fuzzy pictures block out any type of detail that the item might have, but it also blurs the basic imagine. Is that a t-shirt on some brown carpet, or a bunch of black cats curled up together in the dirt? If your picture isn’t clear, odds are your customers might be asking themselves such questions.


This ties in with the clear pictures but is a bit more extreme. Most digital cameras take clear pictures; however, not all can capture tiny details. This isn’t as important for items where you’re not specifically promoting the details of the items, such as DVD boxes or CD cases. However, if you’re trying to sell jewelry, antiques, or other small items, having a camera that can capture even the minutest details is imperative.

No Background Noise

If you’re only trying to sell one object, don’t take pictures of your object surrounded by multiple other unrelated objects. Some people might become confused about what it is you’re actually trying to sell. It’s best to take a picture of only the item you’re selling, with nothing else in the background to distract the potential buyer’s attention.

If you follow the 3 above listed guidelines, you should come out with good pictures that will aid you in selling your item. Remember that your picture and your item title will be the two deciding factors in whether or not a potential buyer is going to click on your auction or not, and the picture is the more important of the two. Items without pictures rarely get clicks.

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