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Zero Cost Marketing – Getting Internet Exposure For Nothing

One of the things that stops many people from making money on the Internet is the fact that start up costs are necessary. Some people just want to earn some extra cash without any outlay. With most Internet Marketing methods an up-front investment is needed for web sites, advertising costs, domain names etc. There is, however, a very successful zero cost marketing method.

The method is Article Marketing.

The idea with article marketing is that you write interesting and useful articles for people and earn some money for yourself in the process. You have to put some work into it, but it’s quite possible to complete the whole process at zero cost. I’ll outline a step-by-step guide below.

1. Pick A Subject

It is best to pick a subject that you are either interested in or knowledgeable about because it will be far easier to write about such a subject. As you get better at article writing you’ll find that you can write about a broader ranger of subjects, but it’s best to start off with something you have a passion for.

2. Research Your Market

Market research is a whole subject in itself, so this is just a brief overview. The sort of market you want is one that has demand without being completed flooded by supply. Try searching for key phrases related to your subject in Google. Surround your search phrases with “quotes” and have a look at how many results you get.

There is no definitive amount of results that tells you you’ve found a good market, but I like somewhere between 10,000 and 200,000. If there are too many results you just won’t be able to stand out and if there are not enough results your article will have few potential readers.

3. Find A Product

What you need is a product with an affiliate program that matches your subject. Have a look on Clickbank and Commission Junction to see what you can find. There are other affiliate programs too – some products have their own affiliate programs. When you find a suitable product, sign up with the affiliate program and get your affiliate link.

4. Set Up A Blog

Now you need to set up a free blog. You can do this at places like or Once you’ve set up a blog, add some general posts about your subject, making sure to include the keyword from step 2 in them. Also add a promotion for the product you found in step 3 and link to the vendor’s site via your affiliate link. Keep the blog focussed and on topic.

Keep adding a couple of posts a week to your blog from then on.

5. Write Articles

Now you need to write some articles and submit them to article directories. There are some important things to remember about writing your articles:

(a) Make them interesting and useful – readers will be far more responsive if you’ve given them something useful.

(b) Make them original. Article directories don’t like duplicate content and duplicates don’t help your Google ranking.

(c) Include the keyword you selected in step 2 in your article title and maybe once or twice in your text and make sure it’s at least in the first paragraph. But don’t ‘stuff’ it in all over the place.

(d) Do not make them a sales pitch – this won’t be allowed by many article directories and it tends to put the reader off anyway.

Now, in the Author’s Bio box (or at the end of the article if you’re allowed) include a link back to your blog. If people liked your article they might click through to your site and then on to the vendor’s page via your affiliate link.

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For people who don’t like writing it can be difficult to keep creating useful articles, but it does get easier with practice. It is a great form of zero cost marketing and some people do earn large amounts of money from it. It is important to write articles of the best quality you can. If the reader likes your article they will be more likely to click through to your site and buy through your link.


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