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Simple Sites Big Profits, Marcus Campbell, and the Internet Marketing Dilemma

Marcus Campbell is a long time internet marketer who really knows his stuff. His latest product, “Simple Sites Big Profits” is quickly becoming a best seller in spite of its high price.

If you read the sales page, it will lead you to believe that just by purchasing the product you will be able to retire tomorrow a millionaire. But that is really common for the type of product it is.

The sad truth is that without the over hyped sales page and promises of instant mega wealth without work are the only things that sell. Most people are not concerned with facts and will turn away from a great offer if it is not presented that way.

The problem is, even Marcus can’t deliver you a product that will make you a fortune without a lot of work. So what he has done is create a product that consist of completed and usable templates, eliminating the need for most of the harder work. Namely obtaining and modifying a professional looking page.

Building the pages takes a lot of work. Simple Sites Big Profits, standing alone, represents hundreds of saved hours of putting together the pages. Or it may save you thousands of dollars of site design work, which is always untested and unproven until you test and prove it.

There is a lot more to Marcus’s product than the templates, including some very useful and little known ways of promoting the pages once you have them up. But when I look at a product, I look at how it can save me time in doing what I already do and how quickly it pays for itself.

Even though this is the most expensive of the money making products I have bought and tested, it is also the biggest time saver.

When I test a product, the goal is always to see if I can make enough off of it to pay for it within 30 days. In the case of Simple Sites Big Profits, it took nearly three weeks to recoup the expense.

Most products pay off quicker, but they don’t have nearly the initial outlay of cash. But the cost is overridden because you have an endless supply of tested and proven templates that you can use to expand you business infinitely.

Eventually, you may even make as much as the sales page claims.

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