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The Dollar A Day Method To Internet Riches

Many people dream about starting up their own internet business or undertaking various avenues of internet marketing  and making hundreds or thousands of dollars per day with a website.  What if I told you to instead focus on making just one dollar per day? Puzzled? Let me explain.

While it would be nice to build a website and generated hundreds or thousands of dollar each day, the reality is bleak. Most people getting into internet marketing set their bar really high and get frustrated and quit when achieving those lofty goals seems impossible.

Don’t get me wrong. It can and does happen. You can create your own info products and market them yourself or recruit affiliates to sell them for you through an affiliate program.

You can master Google Adwords and become a super affiliate by driving large numbers of targeted buyers to your Affiliate Marketing pages.

 Or, you can take the one dollar per day approach.

When you really think about it, what’s the difference between having one site earning one hundred dollars per day and one hundred sites earning one dollar per day.  If you count the money at the end of the day, I’m pretty sure it’s gonna come out the same.

So, let’s think about what we can do to earn one dollar per day and then repeat that process one hundred times.

In case you’re not familiar with Google Adsense (Michael Cheneys AdSense Videos), it is basically the affiliate program for Google Adwords. Any person wanting to promote their or other peoples products/services may set up a Google Adwords account and pay to have their ads displayed on the Google search results pages or across a network of websites where Adsense Affiliates insert a snippet of code in their web pages which checks the pages content and shows relative ads (contextual ads). When a web surfer visits a website and clicks on one of these ads, Google splits their commission with you.

Can I do this without a website?

Yes, there are several free resources you can use to implement the Dollar A Day Method without the perceived complexity of registering a domain name, setting up hosting, creating and editing web pages, working with the code snippets, etc..

1. Squidoo Lenses

Squidoo – This is a free to register website which hosts thousands of mini websites known as lenses. It is very easy to set up (Squidoo Guide) and only takes a few minutes to get your first lense created.

The great thing about building Squidoo Lenses is that you don’t have to set up affiliate accounts with Ebay, Amazon, Google Adsense or any of the others with built in advertising modules. Squidoo has a built in tracking system where they will pay you 50% of all commissions earned from your lens. Read the linked Squidoo Guide above for details on adding modules, etc.. It doesn’t take many clicks on the ads to add up to the one dollar per day we’re shooting for. If you’ve every paid for Adword Ads, you know that two or three clicks can set you back much more than that.

Can You Build 10 Squidoo Lenses Per Day?

I’ll bet you can! Once you get through your first couple, you can easily crank out 10 or more of these in a few hours. Remember, our goal is not to be the ultimate resource of information on any subject, we just want enough relevant content to show related ads and products on our pages. We just want to earn at least, one dollar.

So, What Will We Write About?

There’s a few methods I like for coming up with ideas for Lens subjects.

THE FIRST is Google Trends which shows you what people are searching for right now. Now unless you are using your own domain or possibly Googles Blogger and have the ability to get your pages indexed quickly, don’t waste your time with hot searches related to “here today gone tomorrow” topics like “celebrity so and so back in rehab”. These are good for turning a quick buck if you can index quickly but that’s not our focus today so look for phrases that are going to be searched for indefinately, like.. “staph infection”. Ok, sorry! That term was in the 6th hot search position when I wrote this and it is something that will still be searched for months or even years down the road.

THE SECOND, and also my favorite because it is product oriented, is Ebay Pulse. You can use the drop down menu to drill down by category and then sub-category. This shows you what items people are looking to buy. These make great subjects for lenses. Remember, you are not trying to write the endless fountain of information on any lense. You can visit the manufactorers website or Amazon  and write a product description, reviews, etc.. on your lens for content. (Don’t copy other peoples work, use them as one source of information to familiarize yourself with a subject and then write in your own words.

If you are uncomfortable writing, (even though it can be very basic like I mentioned), you can always check out something like “Turn Words Into Cash“. This is geared towards writing sales letters which could be very beneficial to you and help increase your click through ratio on your lenses advertisements, especially if you write in a “product review” format.

Getting Traffic To Your New Lenses

Social Networking On Squidoo – A Web 2.0 Marketing Guide On Using Social Network Squidoo To Help Generate Traffic and/or Brand Your Business.

Secondary Business Opportunity

If you get really good and building out these lenses, you could even consider flipping your lenses for profit. There can be really good money in doing this.

2. Blogger Blogs

On top of the Squidoo Lenses, you can create free blogs at, it’s owned by Google and these seem to do ok getting listed in Google’s search results. The difference here is that you will need to sign up for affiliate programs that you want to promote, like adsense for instance.

Once you’ve creating a blogger account it’s just a matter of writing a few posts and adding in some “gadgets” which is done in your admin section under the “layout” section. One of those is Google Adsense and it will automatically place them on your pages. You’re not limited to Adsense and can include links to any products you like whether through Amazon, Ebay, Commission Junction or some other. Here’s a quick example of one I just did for this tutorial “All About Aquariums“.

You can search YouTube if you like for videos showing you how to set up a blogger blog if you like or there’s always the “Blogger Generator” which will create them for you en masse. It’s a little “grey hat” so you may prefer to do them by hand. It’s entirely up to you.

Once you’ve started building your lenses or blogs, you need to get the word out, ie: traffic. This is easily done through Social Networking. This can get your links indexed almost instantly and immediately start sending traffic to your pages. If you look in the top right hand section of these page, you will see under the “Toolbox” section, a listing of Social Networking/Bookmark sites.

If you want to save time, (it is a time consuming process), you may want to have a look at Bookmarking Demon which can automate this process for you.

If you do choose to do it by hand, you can greatly speed it up by using RoboForm, it’s an automatic form filler (it’s free too). You can download my free Roboform Guide for instructions on setting it up.

Ok, so now go out there and make a DOLLAR A DAY!


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