How to Create More Web Traffic

One would think that having a product that provides consumers with a real benefit would be all that is required to get customers flocking to your website. This is not the case. There are several other online businesses competing for your consumers’ attention and whether on not your website gets to play host to genuine customer traffic can be determined by the following factors.

Firstly, your website needs to take into consideration the fact that most people who need a product or service online, go to a search engine to tell them where to look for it. This is why your website needs to be made search engine optimized. By researching your target customer and learning what are the keywords that they are most likely to type into a search engine when looking for a product or service like yours, you can then work on maximizing the chance that their search leads them to your website. You do this by placing these popular keywords at strategic locations all over your website, perhaps even dedicate a page or tow to specific keywords and base the content on those pages around that content. The more keyword density your website possesses, the greater the chances of more traffic passing through.

Signing up to be a part of popular social networks like Facebook or MySpace are also tried and tested ways to draw web traffic toward your website. By becoming a part of a social network and interacting with groups of people with some sort of an interest, directly or otherwise, in your product or service, you could not only begin to better understand the kind of customer you are dealing with, but also recommend that they visit your website for a better understanding of the product. Similarly, blogging or writing articles for virtual magazines on content that is relevant to and can be linked back to your website, could present you with another platform to unobtrusively advertise your website and get readers interested enough to check the website out.

Choosing a simple, easy to spell, non-generic domain name, without any symbols or numbers included is another way to increase web traffic. Online directories are also a good way to get traffic coming your way. Submitting your URL to directories that are relevant to your market space and the free online directories as well increases the possibility of heavy traffic passing through your website.


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Ms. Darlene Wood is an internet marketer living in Arizona with her daughter, four cats, three dogs and a snake (yikes!). She is creator of Mad Skills Marketing LLC and loves helping entrepreneurs create fun and highly profitable businesses. Meet Darlene at

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