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How To Quickly import Kolimbo Affiliate Feeds Into WordPress

Kolimbo brings together a network of merchants much like commission juction which allows you to choose the ones that fit your marketing needs and promote their products from within your websites, lenses, etc.. The good news is they also provide raw data affiliate feeds for many of their merchants, the bad news is, most people don’t know how to use them, the GREAT news is, I do and I’m going to tell you how!

If you’ve never worked with affiliate feeds before, you may be asking yourself… “What’s so great about merchant affiliate product feeds?” and that’s a good question.

Let me explain…

Kolimbo merchants  may have hundreds or even thousands of products for sale. Generally this would require you to either send your traffic directly to their main page or log in and get a special link to send a potential buyer directly to the particular product they are interested in.

Merchant affiliate datafeeds are files that contain all of their products, products details, affiliate links, image url’s, etc… The trouble comes when you try to actually use those files.  How do you get the information out of those files and into a format you can actually use?

What I did is take those raw merchant datafeeds and convert them into a format that can easily be imported directly into WordPress using a free plugin to import csv files.

Let me explain why that’s such a big deal.

Now when you are building Squidoo Lenses, Hubpages, writing posts on your blogs, writing articles or whatever other types of marketing you do, you can now point your links back to your own pages instead of giving all of that link juice to somebody elses site.

A second benefit is that you’ll be using WordPress to build your websites foundation. WordPress (which this and most of my sites run on) is easy to use, allows you to build content rich websites which the search engines love,  the built in pinging features get’s your posts out on the web immediately while the nearly infinite supply of plugins makes your website capable of almost anything.

Can you see now why it is so much better to have any and all links pointing back to YOUR website instead of someone elses?

Another great benefit is that because your site is actually built upon WordPress, you are able to choose from hundreds if not thousands of themes. This means you can set up not only one website per niche but 10, 20 or even 100 and have them all look different.

One other thing that I really like about importing these affiliate feeds into wordpress and sending my traffic there and not directly to the merchant is that it gives me a chance to expose them to other advertising as well.

If you take a look at one of the sites I’ve imported affiliate feeds from one merchant into, Native Remedies Outlet, you will see many types of different advertising going on. I’ve got Amazon, Ebay and if you click on a product, you’ll get Adsense ads above and below the product. This gives me four other opportunites to make money from each visitor. Of course, they can click through for the actual product and I’ll earn a commission from that sale.

Here’s a listing of the affiliate feeds I’ve converted into an importable format for WordPress.–Main (176 Products)
4Checks–NonRotating Images (789)
All Aboard Toys–Main (9451 Products)
Antennas Direct–Main (30 Products)
CheckCrafters–Main (252 Products)
Go Card USA–Main (146 Products)–Main (591 Products) (Adorama, Inc.)–Main (3526 Products)–Books about Music (1685 Products)–DVD and Video (2952 Products)–Instruments and Accessories (8207 Products)–Software (1002 Products)–Tuition Books (5075 Products)
Native Remedies LLC–Main (213 Products)–Main (181 Products)
Pacific Aircraft Inc.–Foreign Military Airplane (53 Products)
Pacific Aircraft Inc.–Helicopter (24 Products)
Pacific Aircraft Inc.–Jet Powered Airplane (101 Products)
Pacific Aircraft Inc.–Main (930 Products)
Pacific Aircraft Inc.–Military Prop Airplane (145 Products)
Pacific Aircraft Inc.–NASA and Spacecraft (13 Products)
Pacific Aircraft Inc.–Plaques and Seals (48 Products)
Pacific Aircraft Inc.–Ship (41 Products)
Pacific Aircraft Inc.–Specialty and Novelty (13 Products)
Prepaidonline–Main (51 Products)–Main (26 Products)
Unique Checks–Main (63 Products)

That’s over 35,000 products you can import into one or many different websites. That’s over 35,000 seperate pages you can have with Amazon, Ebay and Adsense advertising.

The best part is… you just click and import!

These feeds are ready to go, just follow the instruction to add your affiliate ID to the links in the feeds so you get credit for all sales and from within your WordPress Admin area, you can easily import them.

Now that’s great for creating your own content rich, profit generating affiliate websites but let’s look at something else you can do with these feeds!

Build & Flip Websites

If you’re not familiar with the term website flipping, you can read my article on “Building A Lucrative Business Flipping Websites for Profit” which will explain the concept in detail.

The short version is… Buy a domain, install wordpress, add some content, import the related affiliate feeds and then SELL IT FOR A PROFIT! There are many people that do this consistantly while raking in tens of thousands of dollars per month from these sales.

If you would like step by step blueprints to the website flipping business, have a look at one of my other websites. VRE Tycoon (VRE = Virtual Real Estate).


These importable feeds are for your personal use only, however, you do have the right to sell the finished products should you choose to flip websites using these feed imports. When selling the finished product, you may send along the importable data feeds along with instructions for importing for backup purposes.

AND.. As ALWAYS. Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED or your money back!



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