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Fast Track To Online Profits Reviewed

Fast Track To Online Profits claims to be your one stop guide to learning everything you need to know to take control over your life and become your own boss by building a successful online business. That’s a big claim! Does it meet my expectations? I reviewed it and here’s what I think.

Fast Track To Online Profits states that you will learn, in explicit detail, the many different ways to make money online.

The sales letter also states that they will share real stories that will give you insight on what it takes to be successful and inspire you to do the same using their easy to understand instructions.

There are numerous other claims such as “choosing the right internet business”, “what internet businesses to avoid”, “starting your own internet business with very little risk”, “tips to getting your internet business up and running quickly”, and others.

You can read the actual Fast Track To Online Profits salespage yourself if you like.

The Review

Upon opening the ebook, the first thing I notice is that it’s only 39 pages long. That in itself is not necessarily a bad thing as long as it’s not filled with fluff. I’ve purchased ebooks that were hundreds of pages long that only had a couple pages of useful information, so let’s continue.

I’ve copied and pasted the table of contents here for you to see.

Table of Contents

Part One – Getting Started
Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – How To Get Started
Chapter 3 – The Secret Of Online Success – The Website
Part Two – Making Money Online With A Website
Chapter 4 – Becoming An Affiliate
Chapter 5 – Website Ads
Chapter 6 – Tips To Promote Your Website
Chapter 7 – Selling Your Own Products
Chapter 8 – Linda’s Story
Part Three – Selling Your Talents
Chapter 9 – Work For The Tech Savvy
Chapter 10 – Money For Blogging
Chapter 11 – Writing SEO Articles
Chapter 12 – Writing Online
Chapter 13 – Writing Term Papers Online
Chapter 14 – Mark’s Story
Part Four – No Talents – What Can I Do?
Chapter 15 – Online Auctions
Chapter 16 – Online Survey Companies
Chapter 17 – Online Con Games – Beware!
Chapter 18 – Jane’s Story
Part Five – Habits Needed To Work From Home Online
Chapter 19 – Discipline
Chapter 20 – Time Management
Chapter 21 – Accounting
Chapter 22 – How Emotions Affect Your Colon Cancer Treatment
Chapter 23 – A True Life Colon Cancer Experience
Chapter 24 – Children’s Colon Cancer
Chapter 25 — Conclusion and Other Resources about Colon Cancer

Ok, after reading through the entire ebook, I would have to say that is definitely for beginners and by beginners, I mean someone with absolutely no idea of what an online business is or any ways to make money online.

You won’t read this ebook and start generating thousands of dollars the next day but you should see a few of the different ways to make money online and the stories about others that did it could give you some ideas about how you could do something similar.

It’s only $10 and comes with Master Resell Rights which means you can resell it on your own website and make your money back, so that’s a good thing plus it comes with a money back guarantee.

Order it here: Fast Track To Online Profits


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