The Trick to Making Make Money Building Niche Adsense Sites

We will continue the Dollar A Day Method to Internet Riches discussion by targeting a specific means to achieving this goal. Most everyone knows you can make money with Adsense but do you know what it takes to really make money? Here we go!

Whether you are building adsense sites using a free platform like or hosting your own websites, the two main tricks to making money is:

1. Proper keyword selection
2. Proper adsense code placement

Of the two, I’d say that proper keyword selection would be the most critical. If you aren’t getting search engine traffic to your adsense sites then it really doesn’t matter where the ads are placed.

When choosing keywords to target you want to focus on niches and micro-niches instead of general, broad keyword phrases. The reason being, there is too much competition for these broad keyword phrases. You will have much more success finding sub-niches with a smaller number of searches and limited competition.

For an example of this, WATCH THIS SHORT VIDEO which will show the process by which profitable micro-niches are found and how to layout your adsense pages for high CTR (click through ratio).

Niche Adsense Sites Resources:

Micro Niche Finder – Keyword research tool and Adsense site builder software

HyperVRE – Viral Adsense Software

Niche Adsense Themes For WordPress Optimized For High Click Through Rate

AdSense Big – Proven method to make truck loads of money per month with Adsense

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