How to Make Money Simply Selling Private Label Rights Content

If you’re looking for a nice way to make some money online you might want to consider selling private label rights content. You can not only make money right away, you can build a nice substainable business through repeat buyers. You can do this even if you are a lousy writer. Here’s how.

First, let’s answer a question you may have.

What is private label rights content?

Content comes with different types of licenses. Primarily, resell rights, master resell rights and private label rights. Resell rights gives the buyer the right to resell the content whether it be an article, ebook or whatever. Master resell rights gives the buyer the right to sell the content with resell rights attached so the new buyer can also sell the product, however, they can not sell resell rights. Only the person with master resell rights can do that.

Private label rights, which this article is about, is content which the buyer may change any way they wish, package it however they like and even add their name to it and claim it as their own.

There are hundreds of different ways to use PLR content. Here are a few of the most common…

  1. Create your own ebook packages
  2. Build and flip websites
  3. Create adsense sites
  4. Offer as free reports for email subscribers
  5. Break articles into autoresponder series


You see, while each of the methods above is legitimate and has lot’s of potential, you shouldn’t overlook the guy that selling all that PLR content to the internet marketers that need it.

Who do you think made the most consistant money during the Gold Rush? The guys hunting for the gold or the guy selling miners the picks and shovels?

There’s YOUR business opportunity!

Quality content is the pick an shovels of internet marketers.

The beautiful thing is that you don’t even have to write the content yourself. You can outsource the writing and then package the PLR articles into small bundles and sell them to a limited number of people. The more limited the offering, the more you can charge per pack.

You can even keep and use one pack for yourself if you’d like to venture into a few of the other marketing methods I mentioned above. Just be honest about that when selling them. If you say you are only offering 20 packs to be sold, then you would only actually sell 19 because you’re keeping one for yourself.

Where can I sell these PLR content packs?

You can set up a website and sell them directly from there or you can offer them for sale on a few popular community forums frequented by internet marketers like or, each of these has a place to offer products or services for sale. I have made over $1000 in one day selling at just one of these forums before.

A strong positive point for this type of business opportunity is the repeat business you can pick up. Quality content will always be in high demand. Once you’ve proven yourself you will gain a following of faithful buyers along with picking up new business each time you offer a pack for sale.

As a matter of fact, you can even open your own membership site where your customers can pay you x dollars per month and receive y articles. There are numerous membership site scripts available and when you become comfortable selling your packs and start getting your repeat buyers, come back and read my article, The Top Reasons You Should Start Building Your Own Membership Sites.

STOP! Don’t leave this page eager to get started without reading the rest! I can see how you may be ready to start on your new business but there is still one other thing you really should know.

Offering PLR content for sale that has been carefully selected based on proper keyword research will be essential to your success. You can’t just offer content on any broad keyword phrase and expect people to jump all over it or if they do, they won’t be back and your reputation will quickly become tarnished. You want to offer content focused on long tail keyword phrases that have a good number of searches each month but not too much competition. If are able to become known as an expert in this area, you can almost write your own check because the people who do buy from you will be able to make money and they will want more.

Watch this short video to see proper KEYWORD RESEARCH IN ACTION!

Ok, now you are ready to take on the world! Go get ‘em!!


6 Figure Freelancer – How To Make $100,000 Per Year Writing Content Online.

Micro-Niche Finder – Keyword research and adsense site builder software.

Take care,

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