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Article Submitter Review Makes Article Marketing Fast and Simple

I recently read an article discouraging internet marketers from purchasing Article Submitter for the use of article marketing. In the article they stated that once they entered all their information in the directory, the submit button was no where to be found. After contacting customer service numerous times they did not get their issue resolved and by the time someone actually tried to help they just wanted their money back. I completely understand their frustration and have had similar experiences with various programs in the past.

However, in this article I wanted to share my experience with using Article Submitter Pro to give readers a balanced perspective on this product. First let me tell you that there is a free as well as paid version of Article Submitter. The free version allows you to enter each article once in designated fields and then it auto-fills each article directory for you after that. Even though you can only submit articles one at a time, you only need to enter the article once as opposed to completing the forms for each directory. This alone is a great time saver.

Article Submitter Pro takes it to the next level by with the push of a button all articles are submitted to directories automatically right before your eyes. With Pro articles are submitted even faster because the software does the work for you. Article Submitter Pro is not free, so depending upon your needs and budget, select the program that’s best for you. I enjoy the added benefit of purchasing Article Submitter Pro.

Before I used the software I believed that these types of programs just spammed article directories but that is not the case. Why? Because before you use the program you must create an account with each directory. This may take a little time but you only have to do it once and it is fairly simple because the program auto-fills each account submission form so you only have to click submit over and over and you use the same account information for each one. It took me about 4 hours to set up all my article directory accounts. But again, you only have to do it once.

As far as customer service, perhaps it has gotten better because my emails were answered promptly, within 24 hours of submission. I wanted to know how to transfer the article submission database to my other computer and whether I had to set up each account.

Now, I’d like to share a few pitfalls I see in this program and hopefully the company will correct these in time. Although Article Submitter contains about 275 article directories it does not contain some of the most popular ones like EzineArticles, Go Articles, Insnare, Article Base, Self Growth, and a few others. Because these are great directories that rank high on the search engines I continue to submit my articles to these manually. I’m not sure why they don’t contain these but you can submit a request for adding new directories. One other pitfall minor is that occasionally you will click on a directory that is out of business or you get a page not found. When that happens, be sure and click on the Report Broken Link button. This helps the company keep the list updated and clean.

Secondly, for some reason, sometimes submitted articles fail. What usually remedies this is to go to that directory which will auto fill the article and just click submit. In addition, not all articles directories require a log-in account so you will also need to submit those one at a time, but again, it is as simple as clicking on the directory title and then clicking the submit button, you never have to retype the article information. Even if you don’t resubmit to the failed log-ins, your articles will be automatically submitted to over 100 directories, which is still fantastic. One last piece of advice, before you set up your article directory accounts, click on the Update DB button. This will remove directories that are no longer functioning so you don’t waste your time clicking on directories that aren’t there. Visit Online Profits 4 Beginners to learn more about Article Submitter and resources for building an online business.

Brad Callen’s Article Submitter

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Whether you decide to use the free version or paid version, both products are worth their weight in gold and I highly recommend Article Submitter.

Rhonda Jones is the author of 23 Christian meditation CDs and makes a full-time living off the internet, visit Online Profits 4 Beginners

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  1. Hi Rhonda,

    Thank you for this amazing review on Article Submitter Pro. I thought Brad’s products are only related to SEO. Didn’t know he had this one. Looking for reviews like this so I would make an informed decision when it’s my time to buy an article submitter. Thanks!

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