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Someone who is just starting the process of Cost Per Action Marketing is confronted with an assortment of offers that will most likely confuse him, in fact it might seem devastating to try and unravel what the offers are.

A few commonly used types in any Cost Per Action network are free-trial offers, zip-submit offers, and e-mail submit offers.

The most popular type of offer is the free-trial offers because they are nearly totally free to the consumer apart-from the minimal fee of shipping and handling.

In other words it is popular because the consumer gets a product for nearly nothing and the advertiser gets a clue on what it is that that consumer likes to buy and can potentially have that consumer buy similar products.

This process benefits you greatly because even though the product is free to them, you can get paid from $20- $100 per lead. The product is free to them for a short period of time, but usually leads into the purchasing of more of that product once the trial is over.

Your job is simply getting people to the free- trial offer page and purchasing the product is even better.

That is the only thing that you have to worry about.

Whether the customer actually buys something after the trial is over is not your problem. Once you get the hang of it, it all becomes repetitive which makes it easier on you.

Another somewhat popular Cost Per Action offer is called “Zip Submit.” With this offer you do not get paid much but if you get enough traffic to run through this process, small change becomes big money.

In order for you to receive your money, the client has to enter their zip code. It does sound a bit idiotic but the company can always find away to make money by knowing as little as their zip code.

“E-Mail Submit,” is an offer that is a bit identical to “Zip Submit.” What you have to do is build a list of potential customers for the company.

This does not involve you actually making the list but rather having them submit their e-mail address on the company’s website. Once that is completed you make your money.

Same as before the sum of money you make depends on the amount of people you referred to the company’s page and amount of those who submitted their information.


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