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Auto Blogs, And Why Most People Never Get Them Right!

Auto blogs have been in vogue for years now. And while most people are silently unaware of the pure automation that drives these blogs, they have very quickly come under the microscope at Google and if you do not set them up right and use the best software to do so, all of your hard work will be for nothing.

WordPress is still the premier blogging platform, bar none. The plugins that you have never heard of for WordPress blogs are simply stunning.

Now you have plugins that will go out onto the web and search for usable content for your blog based on the keywords that you assign to the plugin…and you can create endless plugins that feature endless numbers of keywords…the more long tail the better of course.

These plugins run 100% hands free and scour the web looking for articles and videos and Yahoo Answers and forum posts that perfectly match your keywords.

It is quite startling to see it running, I have to say.

But while all of this seems like a dream (and it still is) the search engines have gotten very wise to them and they are delisting these sites in record numbers.

Think about it…Google’s job is to send people to the most relevant, best experience site for every search term entered. If your auto blogs have in any way sent up red flags, then your site will not appear on page one even for your longest tail keywords.

What a waste.

The key to setting up auto blogs is to find randomization software that will post to your blog in very haphazard, human ways that will appease the search engines and will create the mystique that a person has gone out and found this great content.

Are there such pieces of software that will randomize perfectly?

That’s the whole point here, isn’t it? LOL

Auto blogs are amazing… but only if you know how to nurture them.

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