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Who is Ewen Chia? Ewen Chia hails from far off Singapore, married with two sons, lives in a 3000 square feet house and drives a white BMW5. Today he is acknowledged to be one of the biggest internet marketing gurus around.

Ewen is a self taught entrepreneur who started marketing on the internet in 1997; his areas include affiliate marketing, affiliate management, email marketing, list building, online branding and product creation. Today he is a prosperous man, a millionaire who is a living proof that you can create wealth from internet marketing as long as you have internet connectivity, a laptop, perseverance and an appetite for hard work!

Ewen Chia was sunk in credit card debt to the tune of US10, 000. Today he is in a position to save and invest more than fifty percent of his earnings. He has achieved this position by sheer perseverance and hard work. While most people took rest after a hard day’s work, Ewen pushed himself every night, motivating himself to master the inner workings of internet marketing and how to make money out of it.

For five years from 1997 to 2002, he would be on the internet till 3.00 am; he would catch four hour’s sleep and wake up at 7.00 am to leave for work. He made his breakthrough in 2002 and began making money, after which he gave up his full time executive job and devoted himself exclusively to his internet marketing Business Empire.

Today, Ewen Chia is known as the world’s No.1 Super Affiliate and also the leading source for affiliate marketing training, advice and consultation for learners and practitioners all over the world. He conducts tutorials on his website and writes monthly letters, teaching people how to make millions of dollars by following the affiliate marketing techniques he has fine tuned over years of learning and experience.

Put very simply in its bare bones, he tells people to first identify a product (out of the 1000′s you can choose from) that people want to buy; then you sign up as an affiliate for marketing that product.

The next step is to send traffic to the website of that product, with a special affiliate link which tracks the sales to you.

Whenever someone buys the product, you get a check from the manufacturing company, or merchant, who does the shipping, and all other sales related work like keeping inventory, staffing, customer service and running the website. Ewen Chia says the best thing in this is that all you need to make money from affiliate marketing is internet access, even if it is from the corner cafeteria!

According to people who have made loads of money following his technique, his method is to use solid marketing fundamentals and the unique process that he has evolved over years of hard work.


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