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Review of Ewen Chia’s Affiliate of the Month

Ewen Chia is often recognized as World Top Affiliate Marketer with successful marketing programs in the market.

Some mentioned that his products’ information could be found on the Internet if one does a thorough search and there are no big surprises in his product. However, some just swear by his products. One of his best sellers is Affiliate of the Month.

Here, I will review Affiliate of the Month as a user point of view. Yes, I have bought Ewen’s Affiliate of the Month.

The Package

  1. There are 36 video tutorials.
    • These tutorials can be studied in 2 formats.
    • One is through live streaming of the tutorials.
    • Another is downloading the tutorials in ZIP format to study them at anytime.
  2. It has an entry page for new comers to download or stream these tutorials.
  3. These tutorials are distributed into 3 modules, which have a summary in PDF format on each module.
  4. There is also a Cheat Sheet by Ewen Chia which summarizes the course in short points.
  5. The package includes FREE software that can be downloaded.
  6. The package includes a bundle with Mike Filsaime at a Special Price.
  7. The package allows you to enter a contest by Ewen Chia 
    • Each contester will have a member page to monitor his/her own progress.
    • The contest is run every month
    • The Top 3 Affiliate of the Month will win the prizes.
    • Top prize is $500, second prize is $300 and third price is $200.
    • Top affiliates will have their exposure springboard exponentially as Ewen promise that he will personally promote them on his website which has a high volume of traffic.



The Content


  1. The quality of these videos is very good.
  2. They are easy to understand.
  3. They use real website to illustrate a point.
  4. They don’t beat around the bush.


  1. The modules are: -
      • Affiliate Business Basic
      • Affiliate Unfair Advantage.
      • Affiliate Traffic Tactics
  2. First module introduces you to the basics of Affiliate Marketing. Don’t think that you know everything. It has a lot of information in it.
  3. Second module teaches you how to choose and sell your affiliate product.
  4. Third module teaches you the tactics to generate/drive traffic to your site. High traffic means higher chances of selling your affiliate product.

Cheat Sheet

  1. The cheat sheet is actually a summary of the three modules in 23 different steps.
  2. In my own opinion, it is the blueprint of Affiliate marketing.


Is this product good?

Well, this is normally the question many people would ask. For the Affiliate of the Month, Ewen has stressed that in order to succeed, we have to put in effort.

The Affiliate of the Month, in my own opinion, will NOT bring you massive income in the beginning. It is a guide to let you perform certain processes to create a path for your income. It is also not a springboard to let you become a super affiliate in a short time.

In this course, Ewen has constantly reminded everyone that to be successful, we need to be consistent, strategic and patient.

So, why are people buying this product?

If you follow what Ewen had told you in this course, you will definitely be successful. A simple reason is because Ewen had gone through the phase of not knowing what direction to take and wasted much time searching for answers.

In the course, it stresses that if we follow the steps diligently, it will definitely show some results in one to two months time. If you are a person that cannot wait so long, this course is not for you.

With his blueprint to affiliate marketing, it is like finding a way out in a dense jungle. However, if you don’t take any action at all, you will never be able to get of the jungle. And if you think you want to take action but not to follow the way given to you, you may still get your way out of the jungle but it may take a longer time.

In short, this course is NOT for people who wants instant results and think that they can know anything or everything without the help of a mentor or a guide. This course is for people who will spend time to follow the steps indicated and follow them diligently.

Who should buy this product?

In my opinion,

  1. Newbie or intermediate marketer should buy it as a guide. The newbie can follow the steps. The intermediate can use it to gauge whether they are in the correct path or not.
  2. People who want to buy Ewen’s other products at special prices. One of them is the Monster Responder, which you can subscribe at a very special rate.

Final word

There is no such thing as “the best” product that will bring in “loads of money”. If you ever go to a site that promises you this and tell you that you will not even need any effort, it is definitely a scam.

Ewen Chia had mentioned in one of his video interview that his site is often filled with words that motivate people take action. At the same time, he is quick to point out that everyone has to take actions to see the results.

Earning money while you sleep? Earning non-stop 24X7 from your website?

I believe that they are possible if all your processes are correctly in place. These processes take time to setup. But once they are ready, there will be no turning back even if you want to. They will just keep on bring revenue to you.

Finally, once you master this skill, you can use it on any product and I am sure you can replicate or improve on the results.

I will give 4 STARS for Ewen Chia’s affiliate of the Month for his no nonsense approach in coaching people to become successful in their affiliate marketing career.


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To your success!

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