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How to Earn Money From a Simple Site

You don’t have to go to the great pains involved in making a huge online store (like eBay), or a huge social networking site (like Facebook), or a huge search engine (like Google), to earn any money online. Sure, if you could come up with a site of the variety mentioned – and they were made by individuals like you – you could quite easily find yourself joining the fortune500 club. But for starters, as you learn the basics of making money online, you could set off with a small simple site.

By a small simple site, we are talking of something like a blog (yes, a blog is a website), or the other 5-page sites that you often encounter on your various online searches. Basically, something whose making doesn’t involve your having to know anything about HTML, XML or any such technology. Basically a site that armed with the right ideas, and having made up your mind as to what is to appear on the site and what is not to, you can get up and running within an hour of getting started on the project.

But just how are you to make money out of a simple site, you ask – taking note of how competitive business tends to be on the Internet.

Well, there are many ways through which you can make money online from simple site ventures.

One, and this is the model most people know, is creating the simple site in question, promoting it aggressively for people to know of its existence – and then going ahead to introduce pay per click advertising on it, so that people visiting the site whose attention happens to be caught by the adverts (typically presented on banners) can click on them, thereby earning you money as the site owner. A simple and highly reliable model, the pay per click only tends to prove tricky in getting the numbers to roll, because the pay rates per click can be very low (often running below ten cents), and getting enough people to click on the adverts is tricky in a situation where some sites have less than one percent of their visitors click on any adverts – and where you are not actually supposed to coerce them to click. Clearly, it takes quite a bit of traffic to make any real money from pay per click – though with the right effort, people have been known to earn themselves tidy sums out of it.

Yet when many people learn of the difficulties involved in pay per click as a monetization strategy imagine that to be the end of world, closing their eyes to other possibilities. An example of these other possibilities is the so-called affiliate marketing, where you post, on your simple site, links to websites of the sellers of various items online, under an arrangement where upon a user you direct to them making a purchase on their site, you are to get a commission. By the way, provided your pitch is convincing enough, you stand to make real money with smaller levels of traffic than on the pay per click.

Other ways through which you can make money from simple sites include using the sites as advertising bases for your other businesses, as well as directly selling stuff you make on the site (rather than selling on affiliate basis), with a view to increasing your margins.

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