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What is Niche-Shaping About?

Posted in Ecommerce December 6, 2006 ( bookmark this article )

By David Stockwell

Niche-shaping can optimize your web site or business quickly and efficiently. If your web site consists of a few static pages, here is a process where you can grow your web presence cost-effectively.

Search engines find your web site by matching queries on keywords from your web pages. For example, if you sell “childrens clothes” or your blog is about “Celebrity Gossip” then these keywords, and the ranking of your site are critical to people finding you when they search in Google.

The Internet is now so complex and interrelated it has become like a living ecosystem. As such, the laws of ecology are beginning to apply to survival on the web. One of these ecological laws, is that species must constantly evolve to optimize their performance in a natural domain or niche, or they will be out-competed by more dynamic species and eventually become extinct. The theory from niche modeling can be used to develop your business or blog.

The hits on the keywords currently on your site represent your current or realized niche. Your potential is a function of the overall numberf of searches on keywords related to your web site. The process of consistently introducing new but related keywords with original content will optimize your niche, increase the chances of people finding your site, and increase your traffic or revenue.

Imagine, increasing hits on novel keywords both shift and increase from A to B by posting quality content.
The process of introducing quality content with new but related keywords to both shift and increase your web presence. If your site is already centered on the natural market niche, then adding content would increase the depth and frequency of traffic.

If you have had experience with other ways of increasing traffic to your site you know that while traffic may increase temporarily, it fades back to almost the original level when the campaign ends. As this process produces a permanent body of high quality content on your web site, the increase in hits is also permanent. While results take longer to achieve, they last longer too. Overall, the process is highly cost competitive with advertising, as visits from natural search are essentially free.

The strategy of introducing high quality content to your site is consistent with the image of high quality sites. Thus it is possible to both refine your market niche and simultaneously build traffic. You do not need to resort to risky “black hat” SEO techniques, tacky advertising methods, tiresome click programs or any of the numerous dubious ways of increasing traffic.

For example, imagine your have an aShop selling a line of products and want to expand. We start a blog on your site about your existing products. Based on the feedback that we get on possible new terms, you publish an increasing variety of posts on related products, while simultaneously adding these products to your product line. Over time, you will overtake your opposition in the search engine rankings as more and more users come back to your site for information, and you increase profits from the additional purchases.

A number of things need to be done right to make this equation work for you. Any one of them if done incorrectly could lead to poor results and waste time. Among them are:

1. Ensuring your site has the usual search engine optimizations to be compeditive.
2. Choosing the related keywords and topics to grow your business into. Part of the secret is a recent breakthrough process called HitTailing ( which identifies those searches that led to your site despite turning up relatively low on the list of results.
3. Another part of the equation is cost-effective supply of creative posts based on the topics identified by HitTailing.
4. Another part of the equation is the installation and maintenance of a blog on your site.
5. Finally your site is monitored for effectiveness of the process.

Of course, the first part of the equation is getting started. It should be clear that you can no longer expect to be found on the web with a few static web pages. Now is the time to upgrade your web strategy before your competitors do to see your business grow and your advertising costs wither.

About The Author

David Stockwell PhD is a scientist applying theories on niche modeling originally developed in ecology to manage and discover new species, to help the corporate world manage and discover new clients.
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