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Apply on the internet what you’ve learned from Monopoly. Your internet real estate. Your ultimate wealth online

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Have you ever played the game of Monopoly? Well, I have and I love it, since young. It was sort of a get together between family and friends. But the rules and outcomes of the game could be very ‘real’ when compared to real life.

Oh okay, how does that related to your Online Business? Or how does it help to achieve Ultimate Wealth Online?

Almost everything!

In Monopoly your success is mainly govern by the roll of dice. Isn’t it the same in the real whole when people complain can’t I have more money? Or I wish I was born rich? (continue…)

Rich Jerk or Rich Genius

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I’m sure you’ve heard of The Rich Jerk, or have even bought his product (The Rich Jerk ebook). The Rich Jerk has gotten Huge amounts of Criticism as well as praise. As far as I can tell though, all the criticism he has received has been for being a Rich Jerk and not for his Book or his techniques and strategies.

He may very well be a jerk, I don’t know him personally, but that is certainly what he wants us to think. We do know that he’s rich, or at least that he has made a killing on his book, there’s no question about that. (continue…)

Learn From My Mistakes - The Beginner’s Guide To Making Money On The Internet

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Dear Readers,

I want to share with you all my experiences on the Net. I am in the Internet Marketing Business and am now having some considerable success. However, I made some mistakes along the way and so I hope that by sharing these with you it will help you avoid some of the traps I fell into and get you onto the fast track to online profits. (continue…)

The Social Bookmarking Phenomenon

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Some days, it seems that we are quickly evolving from a digital world where information was THE marketable commodity to a communications market, where new methods of communicating, networking and socializing are being introduced on a rapid fire basis and are the new consumers of online attention and time. Blogs, wikis, RSS newsfeeds, podcasts, video socialization built around applications like YouTube…all of these are (continue…)

How To Use Images, Graphics And Thumbnails To Promote Your Site

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Images, graphics and thumbnails play an important role in the overall look and feel of your website. They can greatly improve the usefulness of your site; making it more user-friendly and easier to navigate.  More importantly, the visual images on your site can be optimized to improve your search engine rankings.

Despite their importance, many webmasters ignore images or graphics when it comes to optimizing their web pages. Don’t make the same mistake. (continue…)

A Profitable Internet Marketing Strategy That You May Not Know About

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What I’m about to tell you may go against your beliefs on the most effective way of advertising your products over the internet.  You see the media is always coming up with funny and very entertaining advertisements, and it’s only natural for you to follow in the same path.

However, have you ever thought that what works for huge corporations (who have the time, money, and resources) may not work for you?  Unless you have the resources and the patience to wait for results, there is simpler more direct path.  Let me ask you: (continue…)

Make Big Profits Online Selling Information

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Like you, I constantly see business opportunities where you can supposedly earn vast amounts of cash selling everything from soap to supplements to slippery deals where they don’t seem to be selling anything at all.

But one industry outsells all the others online year after year. If you guessed the Information Industry — you’re right. True, the Net sells billions in products and services, but NOTHING comes close to the massive profits information earns.

The Internet was designed from day one as a way for the average person to get information on ANY subject possible. The World Wide Web was planned to become the biggest library and book store in human history. (continue…)

Sales Message Generation Software

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Finally, a product that compels me to be systematic and efficient.  The Sales Message Generation Software forces one to be not only an organized writer, but also an orderly thinker, which  is a must in communicating copy effectively. 

Several templates for sales letters are provided in which you can point and click on your choice.  Try them all out if you like to see which one best fits your current needs.  Once you get to the actual template, you simply answer the questions.  If you need it to be, this entire system can (continue…)

Finally!?A Winning Formula for Making Money on the Web!

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e-Book Review of: The Amazing Formula that Sells Products Like Crazy

Reviewed by Robert G. Gardner, Ph.D

Sure, you should know better, but how many times have you been a victim of the ?too good to be true? syndrome??I know I?m not the Lone Ranger when I?m on the receiving end of those ?Secrets of Getting Rich on the Internet!? e-mails that line up in my inbox.?They show up almost every day, with screaming subject lines that are rich with promise: ?Absolutely Guaranteed!???Surefire Success with Internet Marketing!? ?Easy Money through Web Selling!??And on and on.? (continue…)

Highly Effective Internet Marketing Via Partnership

Posted in Internet Marketing October 17, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

There are many marketing strategies that one can use on the Internet. The number of Internet marketing options is simply too vast and it is very easy for new users to get completely lost after a simple search on the World Wide Web. One has to wonder that with so much information, why is it that home business owners on the Internet are still not making enough money. The answer to this question could be that (continue…)

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