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The Little Web Hosting Service That Shouldn’t

Posted in Web Hosting October 19, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

Is bigger better?

Everyone has their own opinion on that, including web hosting companies. They say it is. That’s why when you look at their hosting packages, the feature list goes on and on and on. You’d think they cover their customers in gold with how much they apparently give away. Mail accounts, shopping carts, disk space, diesel generators - the works! But wait, along with that huge list of items you get, comes (continue…)

Cpanel Web Hosting Is Your Best Option

Posted in Web Hosting October 19, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

You know when I am looking for web hosting; I am looking for a number of things. The first thing I want to see from my chosen web host is more value for my money. We all know that hosting is not the cheapest thing in the world.

Well I know that is true if I want quality hosting, but many web hosts offer very little to justify any type of cost. Therefore, I want features that will allow me to make the most out of my money and offer my customers more for their money as well. cPanel does this for me. I have the ability to (continue…)

All About Web Hosting

Posted in Web Hosting October 17, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

When you initially decide to launch an online business, you should be familiar with internet basics.  This will help you to start with the right devices available to be prosperous. To assist and reach your prospective clients, the first you should is select an impressive unique name and then register it as your internet domain.  You will also need to provide a detailed description about your products and services.  Internet users are constantly increasing in numbers and therefore, you need to have an effective web presence to impress your clients. (continue…)

Web Hosting Extras You Are Gonna Love

Posted in Web Hosting October 15, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

Web-hosting companies are plentiful, which means that those looking for quality web-hosting services have the chance to shop around and find the best solution to suit their website.

Below are some of the little extras that you should watch for. Some of the web-hosting companies may offer these as part of your package, others may ask a small fee for them. Either way, grab them because you will love them. (continue…)

Behind the Scenes of Setting up a Website

Posted in Web Hosting October 15, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

Taking the plunge and deciding to set up a website can be a daunting process if you aren’t already experienced in domain purchasing, hosting requirements, dns delegation etc. In this article I am going to attempt to familiarize you with some of the concepts and clarify some of the jargon.

There are quite a few manual configuration requirements to get a domain even started in the right directon of being available to the public. Three things have to be considered initially to secure your virtual block of dirt. The three requirements are as follows. (continue…)

Choose Affordable Webhosting For Your Web Site

Posted in Web Hosting October 13, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

Webhosting is a service that enables you to move your site with files and HTML documents to a public site on a Web server and on the internet. When selecting a webhosting service, there are a number of things you should consider.

For a business, it is not recommended to choose a free webhosting solution. You should choose affordable webhosting instead. First of all, free webhosting sites have pop ups and banners every time you enter which can discourage or irritate the customer and if you are not so technically savvy this could end up being a problem. (continue…)

All About Cheap Web Hosting

Posted in Web Hosting October 13, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

Before you decide to purchase a cheap web hosting package, you need to evaluate your needs and analyze the hosting company to assure your needs will be met with a quality web hosting service at a cheaper price. The good news is that it is easy for you to choose your web hosting company through a web hosting directory.  A web hosting directory is a web site that provides users the majority of web hosting companies, their services, plans and prices. (continue…)

Guidelines To Find The Best Web Hosting Company For You

Posted in Web Hosting October 13, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

There are large amounts of websites on the World Wide Web. The way in which these websites get to be viewed is by using a web hosting company in order to do so. The web hosting company makes it possible for an individual to have their website viewed by unlimited amounts of individuals. For those who are looking for a web hosting company to get their website up and going, there are a few tips in which the website owner can follow to ensure that they find the best web hosting company to fit their needs. (continue…)

Web Hosting Geeks : How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Service

Posted in Web Hosting October 7, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

One of the most crucial decisions that most online businesses have to make is choosing the best web hosting service. With a popular or well known and reliable Internet Service Provider (ISP) you won’t face many problems, however with a poor web hosting service provider it can be a nightmare. 

Choosing the right kind of web hosting service can be a very daunting task at times as there are some very important features that you need to make sure of. Here you can find below what exactly to look for when choosing the best web hosting service. (continue…)

How To Choose A Website Host & Domain

Posted in Web Hosting September 28, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

This may come as a surprise: Some web site hosting services don’t have software to help you build a site! Some that do, don’t allow you to input HTML. You may want to add in small scripts that jazz up or protect your site such as ‘No Right Click’ or upload downloadable .exe files etc.

There are some great web site tools out there that you’ll want to use! This article will give you things to look for when deciding on a host, domain or getting a better one than you have now. (continue…)

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