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Building a Database is Easier Than You Think

Posted in Email Marketing October 30, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

Fifteen years ago, we attended a one day seminar given by my good friend, Ken Erdman. Ken was a savey direct marketer and my company was an industrial sales company selling specialized widgets. We sold job shop services to industrial companies like Honeywell, Motorola, Martin Marietta and Black & Decker to name a few. So I looked at my business as being very different. Ken dealt with the consumer. We had industrial clients. (continue…)

List-Building: Start With Your Passion; The List Will Follow

Posted in Email Marketing October 17, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

People new to Internet Marketing often ask me, “What’s the best way to start in Internet marketing?”

I’m going to tell you a story about myself as a case study.

When I started, I had no HTML experience, and I couldn’t put up a decent web page. I sucked at writing copy and I didn’t know how to edit audio. I didn’t know what an autoresponder series was, I didn’t know how to make a redirect, and I didn’t know how to approach people properly for a joint venture. I had no idea that building a list was (continue…)

How do I use an Autoresponder to Generate Business Leads?

Posted in Email Marketing October 17, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

The opt-in list is the life line of your company, but yet  many businesses do not consider this a valuable asset. People on your email  list can receive automated emails of your company’s products and services which  will increase sales.
First you need to have a capture page which is a simple  online webpage that retrieves your business prospects’ name and email address.  Prospects will be enticed by receiving something valuable for free, this is a  fast and easy way to build an email list for your company. (continue…)

List Building: One Sure Way To Become A Successful Entrepreneur

Posted in Email Marketing October 15, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

I have an extremely important point to share with you today. I’m successful online, but I had to learn, just as you may be learning now. I did a few things that didn’t work. I had no list, couldn’t build a list, and then, I made a decision.

Here’s the way it worked for me, and I’ll leave it up to you as to whether or not you want to apply this. However, I had the exact same issues as you may be having now. It was, “Okay, what should I do first, what should I do second? Who should I listen to? There are all these different ways of doing things and I’m so confused. I’m going to learn all these different things,” et cetera. (continue…)

6 Effective E-mail Techniques That Grab And Hold Your Prospect’s Attention And Increase Sales

Posted in Email Marketing October 13, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

When marketing your product using email, it is EXTREMELY important to grab the attention of your prospects in the first sentence.  If you fail to do so, they have a much lower chance of reading the rest of it.

The first sentence in this case is your subject line, and once you’ve enticed your readers to open your email, you still need to keep and hold their attention.  If it doesn’t, you would lose them and your sale is lost. (continue…)

List-Building: Why Sites Come Last And Lists Come First

Posted in Email Marketing October 13, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

People often ask me, “I bought a website, but it’s not really what I want it to be. Where do I go to find someone to help me get it right? ”

“Whoa!” I say, “Back up.” Finding a web designer is very easy. But should you even begin looking?

The problem is that when most people start out, they say, “I want a website and I think I want it to look like this.” They might pick out five or six different websites (by the way, I’ve done this). When I was first starting out, I hired five or six website designers to do stuff for me. It was all on barter because I didn’t have any money and none of the websites made any money for me. (continue…)

How To Set Up Free Email Accounts

Posted in Email Marketing October 7, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

Setting up free email accounts is easy. I personally like to have at least two working emails and from my point of view if you have more than one account it is good to have free email account. I have Yahoo and hotmail free email accounts and I am fully satisfied with the service they provide. Apart from these two, I also have an email account with my cable Internet provider. (continue…)

Your Basic Email Marketing Tips

Posted in Email Marketing September 29, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

Some of you may agree that email marketing is a valuable way to do your marketing. Why? You can sign up for free with Google or Yahoo! and it is very easy to use. However, it might not be as simple as type and send if you are going to do your email marketing campaign.

Always ask yourself how you will react when you see the email that you are going to send. It is too wordy! Click “delete” or I don’t understand what it says! Click “next”. If these are what you are going to do to your emails then you really need drop your current email marketing efforts and redo one. (continue…)

An Autoresponder Nightmare

Posted in Email Marketing September 12, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

On a dark and stormy night, a solitary man sits at his computer.
Surfing his favorite sites, trying to ward off the darkness of the empty house with the familiar glow of his computer screen.

The lightning strikes and the thunder cracks. “Hmm… closer this time” the solitary man thinks, oblivious to the disaster that was about to unfold…. (continue…)

Are You Committing These Mistakes In Your Online Business?

Posted in Email Marketing September 11, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

I can still remember back in 2003 when I got my first online sale. Wow. That changed my belief system that it’s possible to make a living from the internet.

You know what you must do to get the first sale?First, you have to get started. That may sound obvious, but it’s where most people fail.

Really, no kidding. They procrastinate, or they just don’t believe it will work. So, they don’t do anything. Don’t make that mistake.If you know how to start, you must make sure that you know how to pick a profitable online niche market. (continue…)

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