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How to Create Resumes that Pack a Punch

Posted in Careers October 17, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

In the corporate world, first impression is important.  Hiring managers are busy creatures so you must immediately get their attention before someone else does.  You basically want to tell them to stop and notice you because you’re indispensable to the company and are just what they need.

This is why your resume should communicate all the right things to your prospective employers.  Consider your resume your advertisement and marketing device.  Ask yourself, if you were the job interviewer and you were reading your own resume, would you hire yourself? (continue…)

Going to Job Interviews is Tense Business, but Somebody’s Got To Do It

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Going to a job interview is tense, it’s frightening, but, surprise, it’s fun.  Contrary to popular belief, job interviewers don’t bite.  They sincerely want to see you do good in the interview, specially if the position needs to be filled right away.  Trust us, they’re not stingy with job opportunities, but of course they can’t just get any person.  Which is why at the very start you should make them see that you’re exactly what they’re looking for. (continue…)

What Must Be Included in Job Application Cover Letters

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As a former sales manager in the pharmaceutical industry, I received my fair share of job applications from individuals who wanted careers with my company.  Normally, people would send in their resumes along with a cover letter.  I found it quite interesting to see that in the vast majority of cases, people seemed to put the bulk of their efforts in their resumes with minimal effort in their cover letters. (continue…)

Finding Employment When You’re Just Starting Out

Posted in Careers October 16, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

If it’s your first job out of high school, college, or university, you might be perplexed as to how to find employment. But you needn’t worry; there are plenty of ways to snag employment.

Employment Hint #1: Write an excellent resume

One of the biggest mistakes that job seekers make is to not have an effective resume (called a curriculum vitae or CV overseas). If you’ve never written one before, now is the time to beef up your skills in this area. You can actually find help from a number of sources, including (continue…)

Choose The Best Online Degree Program In 7 Easy Steps

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Online degrees have become popular in the last few years, as the Internet has penetrated a huge percentage of households in the USA and the rest of the world.

The advantages of going for a n online degree are obvious - you can set your won schedule for the classes, you can attend at least most of the program from home and don’t need to get yourself to an actual class somewhere, the tuition is in many cases lower and the degree is recognized by many institutes and employers. (continue…)

Win With Recruitment Agencies

Posted in Careers October 15, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

There are two different ways that you can use recruitment agencies to find your ideal job. This article explores how you can find your ideal job without wasting too much of your precious time.

Most people have experienced the recruitment agency black hole. This is when you register with an agency, fill out every form that they ask you to complete and attend a lengthy interview with a recruitment consultant. Then you hear nothing. (continue…)

Career Coaching: How Does it Work?

Posted in Careers October 15, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

Career coaches don’t have a magic formula for helping their clients (if we did, we’d be bottling it and making millions!), but why has career coaching received so much press lately?  Pick up any magazine and you’re likely to see a reference to coaching: Oprah, Redbook, Self, Fast Company, Health, Inc., and many other business magazines.  What career coaches do offer their clients is an easier way to career success than if they were to try and do it on their own. (continue…)

Great Questions to Ask on an Interview

Posted in Careers October 15, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

You’ve worked hard to get an interview, and now it feels like everything is on the line.  What’s the best approach to ensure a great interview?  Based on my experience working with professionals with varied backgrounds and experience, I’d have to stay that figuring out what to ask on the interview is where many people get stuck.  They know they should ask something, but what?  During most (if not all) interviews, you will be asked “Do you have any questions?” and I say respond with a confident “Absolutely!”  (continue…)

Do You Need A Promotion

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A promotion does not necessarily mean financial benefits, it also means more responsibility. Before you look to get a promotion on your Job there are certain things you must take into consideration.

First of all, think about your reasons to get a promotion. Can you handle more responsibility? Will the new job be what you want to do? Do you have skills that might benefit the company if they present you a higher position? If you have thought about all these questions, and you are sure you want the promotion, following are some tips that will make your chances or earning a promotion better. (continue…)

Human Resource Consultants Provide Advice On Stellar Customer Service

Posted in Careers October 15, 2006 ( Read | Bookmark )

From the purchase of a new car to grabbing a quick burger, people are exposed to examples of exceptional and poor customer service every day. As the Client Relations Manager at an Arizona based HR consulting firm, I receive constant compliments about our stellar customer service. Regardless of compliments, the importance of exceptional service continues to attract my attention. I am confident that each of us can think of numerous times when (continue…)

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