Socialbot v4.1 Review

If you read my review on Socialbot v3.0, you already know that I had some difficulties with the software and ended up uninstalling and getting a refund. I was pretty disappointed because it sounded like a great time saver and I was looking forward to using it. With hope renewed, I recently purchased Socialbot v4.1 [...]

Automated Social Bookmarking

To the newbie Affiliate Marketer, Social Bookmarking is not only just another craze but a complete maze of how to do this successfully. There appears to be for those on the insider secrets to Social Bookmarking which include automating the process in order to generate profits. The difficulties for the newbie Affiliate Marketer is which [...]

Social Bookmarking Demon Review

Social Bookmarking Demon created by Edwin Brian is one of the better pieces of software that I’ve found so far this year. Social Bookmarking Demon is an automated solution for social bookmarking websites, blogs, articles, etc. I typically keep a medium-large software and guide budget while I am expanding to new frontiers and I would [...]

SocialBot V3.0 Reviewed

Well it saddens me to say that my experience with SocialBot V3.0 was somewhat disappointing. The truth is, it sounded like a great social bookmarking program and I was excited to shell out the bucks to purchase. Unfortunately, that’s when things began to fall apart for me. Let’s review.