Social Bookmarking Demon Review

Social Bookmarking Demon created by Edwin Brian is one of the better pieces of software that I’ve found so far this year. Social Bookmarking Demon is an automated solution for social bookmarking websites, blogs, articles, etc. I typically keep a medium-large software and guide budget while I am expanding to new frontiers and I would rank this as the third best buy I’ve found so far behind two affiliate marketing guides I bought a year ago or so.

Why do you need social bookmarking software? Without software it can easily take hours to go through the process of logging in to the major bookmarking sites to add your website to their ranks. Social bookmarking is a crucial part of today’s internet as “web 2.0″ has quickly taken root in many different aspects. Social bookmarks will always lead to crucial backlinks, and they can also lead to large amounts of traffic if used properly. Sites such as Slashdot and Digg are capable of sending 80,000 unique visitors in a single day if your page gets voted to the front page. Many social bookmarking sites are also still “follow” links which means that search engines will give them weight and will put them into their algorithms for determining SERPS (search engine results placement).

Social bookmarks are also the single most effective method for getting a new domain indexed, I started my newest domain on March 18th and it had already been indexed by both Google and Yahoo by Mach 19th. For those that are new to SEO (search engine optimization) it typically takes these search engines anywhere between two weeks and 2 months to index a new domain, I know that my first domain took over a month and a half to get picked up by either. By getting indexed this early it allows me to quickly start building my way through the ranks of my niches, and once I get to the top of my given keyword I simply move on to the next domain and watch the revenue flow in from residual traffic from social bookmarking as well as organic traffic from Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Social Bookmarking Demon also allows you to submit your URL’s multiple times each, personally I prefer to submit five times to each social bookmarking site, each time via different IP addresses. Using the proxy server settings in the software I am able to use a new IP every time that I perform an action. This makes the submissions look 100% natural and that way I will not be penalized for “spamming”.

Using other social bookmarking services and software I have had problems with duplicate content as the same titles, descriptions, keywords, etc. are used over and over again which negates the purpose of gaining backlinks. Google is very big on weeding out duplicate content and it will most likely do more harm than good to have the exact same content pointing to your site hundreds of times. Social Bookmarking Demon comes with randomization abilities that allows you to randomize all of the fields, due to this I have recently offered social bookmarking services myself to some members of DigitalPoint forums for a price of $5 per submission. It requires nearly no effort on my part yet I am making money off it and I simply do it at the same time that I plan to submit my own webpages.

Overall I would give this software a 9/10, it comes with some great bonus features for beginners such as a guide for making money using Social Bookmarking demon, free blogs such as Blogger, and AdSense to turn a profit.


(There will be No Monthly Fee and you will
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James Clipp is an internet entrepreneur that operates multiple websites, blogs, businesses, and SEO services. To learn more about this software check out Social Bookmarking Demon and if you would prefer manual submissions check out Social Bookmarking Services.

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