Make Money Online 3 – Optimize Your Website

So far, we have discussed about:
1. How to design your game plan on making money online

The Benefits of Using Google Adsense on Your Website

There are many great reasons you should be using Google Adsense on your website besides the obvious one of getting paid by one largest companies around. For one, Google Adsense is easy to use and easy to manage. A technical background is not necessary to place the small snippet of code into your pages and [...]

What is Google Adsense and How Do I Get the Ads on My Website?

As mentioned in the last post regarding using Google Adsense to build passive income streams, Google sells advertising to businesses that bid on keywords relevent to their business and then turns around and pays commissions through the Google Adsense program to webmasters for allowing these ads to be displayed on their websites. In this post, [...]

How to Use Google Adsense to Build Passive Revenue Streams

Whether you already have an existing website or are looking to build one, Google Adsense can be a great way to supplement your income. Adding Google Adsense advertising code to your web pages allows you to focus on building great content and a following of visitors while allowing Google to worry about placing the right [...]