Stop Everything! The “Secret” to Making Money Online is Revealed

Today I’m going to reveal the “SECRET” to making money online.  If you’ve tried everything, if you’ve read every ebook available on split testing your ads, writing better copy, etc.. then the chances are that you just haven’t figured out the “secret” yet.

I don’t care how attractive your sales page is, I don’t care if you’ve perfected all the psychological triggers that makes peoples eyes hypnotically spin in circles as they reach for their credit cards. I don’t care if you’ve tweaked every detail on your page like headline size and color, testimonials and all the other good stuff.

If you don’t have TRAFFIC then you are doomed to fail.

Without traffic, everything you do is for nothing.  You wouldn’t store a Picasso in your attic, would you?  No, you would put it out for display and people would line up to see it.

Then, why is it so hard to get traffic to your sales pages online?

Simple, you just either don’t know how or you are suffering from information overload which tends to freeze people in their tracks like a deer caught in headlights seconds before getting splattered by a speeding 18 wheeler.

Before you spend one more second of your time… before you spend one more dime on an informational product that lays out the sure fire, money back guaranteed method of making millions online, you need to learn how to drive traffic.

The truth is, there are many, many ways of making money online. All the informational products you may have purchased that didn’t work for you probably didn’t work because you didn’t have the traffic not because the ideas were bad.  It is easy to make money online when you are able to bring interested people to your sales page, that is the “secret”.

Once you are able to drive traffic, then you can truly split test and tweak your sales pages to increase your conversion ratios but for that testing to be effective, you must have traffic.

Once you become a master of herding traffic, you can replicate over and over again with new sales pages and affiliate products.  Stop right here and think about that for a moment.

Learn everything you can about building traffic now, before you do anything else. Once you can do that, it doesn’t matter what you are selling, if you put enough people in the right place at the right time, the sales will happen and you can then and only then start building a secure future in internet marketing.

To help you with this, if you’ll look in the right hand column of this page, you will find underneath the “WAH Toolbox” links to pages I’ve put together for you to assist you in your Web 2.0 marketing.  This is the new media and a great way to get links pointing back to your site which not only the search engines will follow, but actual people.

While Web 2.0 is ONE effective method of driving traffic, the fact remains that it is only ONE method.  There are MANY!  Some consume more time than they’re worth when measuring the performance and others take up very little time and produce huge results.  The “secret” is knowing which methods are bringing BUYERS to your sales pages.

Before you do ANYTHING, and I mean ANYTHING, because doing anything other than learning to drive traffic is just throwing your time and money away unless you are already an expert at it.

I want you to download and read this FREE TRAFFIC REPORT

it was written by someone I consider to be an expert in driving traffic.  He sells a course on traffic building and I STRONGLY recommend that unless you are already a pro at it, that you take him up on his offer. Remember, after all, the “SECRET” of making money online is TRAFFIC, the more the better.

Without, you are just hiding your Picasso in the attic and no one can appreciate it or pay you to see it.

Best Wishes,

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One Response to “Stop Everything! The “Secret” to Making Money Online is Revealed”

  1. Jeffmakepeace on April 17th, 2008 at 7:32 am

    Thanks Gail for this information. Web 2.0 is latest tecnology and webmaster are stepping into this technology. Some of them are really do not know what is this. I believe so.

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