Want To Make Money Fast? Run Your Own Digital Product Firesale!

By definition a firesale is the selling of products at extremely reduced rates generally when a business is financially stressed and needs to raise money quickly. You can use this same technique to raise capital quickly in Internet Marketing and the good news is that you don’t have to be in a finacial crunch to profit from it.

Essentially, you want to create a sense of urgency citing a good reason for having a “liquidation” sale such as paying for a much needed vacation, paying for a wedding, your kid needs braces, buying a car, etc.

You will need a script able to handle this type of sale, one such script is FireTrack Version 1.2

FireTrack was built to allow quick and user friendly set up of fire sales. Limited time offers selling multiple products with full rights have become big business. Being able to pay affiliates directly through split payments where half the signup fee goes to you as the administrator, and half straight to the referrer is a key ingredient to the success of these setups.

In addition, one time offers or OTOs as they’ve become known, are fully supported. OTOs are where after buying your main product, your customer is then given one chance (and one chance only) to buy an additional product before they leave the page. With OTO signup rates in excess of 70% potentially making up a good 45% of the profit you can make from your sale, it’s imperative that such a feature be part of your setup.

With minimal required input on the part of you as the administrator, FireTracks almost effortless PayPal integration and features such as built in secure members area ready for your members to begin downloading their products, membership levels, custom commissions for top promoters and OTOs mean that you are well equipped to manage your own fire sale.

With this script, you could even launch a fire sale today if you wanted to. You can pick it up cheap at BargainDiscs.com. Don’t worry if you’ve never installed a script before. It comes with detailed instructions or you can easily outsource the installation at Rent A Coder for next to nothing.

More FireTrack Version 1.2 Script Features

  • Split Payment Capabilities
  • Fully Protected Members Area
  • Multiple Members Levels
  • One Time Offer Support
  • You Decide Who To Pay First
  • Unlimited Sale Length & Custom Pricing
  • Contact Your Members When You Want
  • Customizable Automated E-mail
  • Full Sale Statistics
  • Sleek User Friendly Design

After your Firesale script, the next thing you’ll need is an abundance of products to “liquidate”. If you are already in the business of creating your own products, you are all set. If not, you can grab a bundle of products with resell rights which you can then include some or all in your Firesales. (230 High Quality Products With Resell Rights). For best results, you may want to pick and choose complimentary products and create multiple mini-firesales.

Next comes the critical part, making money!

At this point, you could have your firesale script installed and your products ready to go but you still need to market them. After all, a firesale with no customers is not much of a firesale.

You may want to pick up a copy of “Firesales Exposed“. This is a detailed course for creating and running successful firesales. Complete with Firesale Master Plan, 30 Day Blueprint and a Firesale Checklist to help ensure your success.

You will also learn…

  • How to mastermind and implement a successful “Fire Sale” from scratch
  • How to justify your firesale by giving people a “reason why” and make them buy anything you’re offering, even if they don’t need it..
  • How to source for products with high “perceived value” that you can include in your firesale and boost your conversion massively…
  • How to write sales copy that hypnotize your buyers and make them rush for the order button even before your page loads…
  • How to be technically prepared for an avalanche of referral traffic
  • How to recruit big-name JV partners to promote your firesale
  • How to “brainwash” your JV partners to promote your product till the end and say ‘No’ to everyone else..
  • How to ensure that your JV partners stay loyal to you for the duration of your firesale and go all out to promote it.
  • How to avoid the biggest mistake most people make when promoting firesales..
  • Much, much more…

Firesales are not a “set and forget” business. I would advise you to continue and work on building a long term business plan that can generate hands off, residual income but they can be a great way to make some fast cash for Christmas, vacations or other needs.

Of course, should you decide to take advantage of the resources above and master the art of firesales and especially putting together joint ventures to boost sales, you may make enough that you won’t have to worry about long term business goals.

Till next time,

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