Selling With AdWords – The Novice’s Approach

Are you new to Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) and don’t know where to start? Do you have a product that has the possibility of yielding incremental revenue by moving your sales campaign to an online format? If you answered yes to either question then continue reading…

PPC advertising can be a profitable adventure or a trip into the abysmal. The direction of your journey will depend on your knowledge of PPC, or lack thereof. Although PPC is only part of your overall Internet strategy it is a critical component that requires a dedicated effort to understand this type of marketing approach in order to reap profitable results.

Although there are three major search engines, i.e. Google, Yahoo and MSN, Google has the largest audience of the three. The number of how-to Google AdWords programs available on the Internet today that claim to have the “Secret” formula to success is mind boggling — trust me, I have seen and reviewed a couple of dozen. However, selling with AdWords for over 18 months I can attest that many of these programs are nothing more than rehashed content and don’t provide meaningful strategies that effectively use AdWords to sell your products and/or services on the Internet.

If you are new to PPC and your budget will not afford you the opportunity to outsource this process, and you are convinced that this form of online advertising is for you, then you will need to dive head first and become a student before you launch any Google AdWords campaigns — otherwise you will see a burn-rate that will quickly get out of control. Google offers a number of instructional videos and has a vast Knowledge Base to help the beginner, and it’s FREE.

Once you have completed your learning adventure with Google, I strongly encourage you take your selling with AdWords quest for knowledge to the Internet. My personal adventure started with Glenn Livingston and Perry Marshall, and are considered to be the best in the business. They have written books and both have extremely well crafted courses, free tools, free MP3s, etc., etc. As an example, they will chart you on a path of removing the 100% gut feel approach that most Internet Marketers use to assemble a keyword strategy and combine it with a solid set of tools that dramatically minimize the financial downside.

Here are a few topics that they teach:

  • Keyword research — understanding what your customer is searching for and how to zero in on your bulls-eye keyword and relevant keyword sets.
  • Building ads that attract.
  • Split-testing ads – isolating the losers and building new ads to beat the winners.
  • Testing to see if someone is willing to buy your product/service.
  • Analytics – why you need to track your campaigns and how – otherwise you will be flying blind.
  • And much, much more…

Selling with AdWords offers Internet Marketers one of the greatest avenues to promote their products and/or services, however, great care must exercised to implement the right strategy. Invest the time to fully understand the PPC and AdWords advertising space and the World of the Internet is yours. Good Luck!

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Steve Bagley is an aspiring Internet Marketer who has taken the time to learn from those who have mastered PPC and Google AdWords. He invites you to learn more by visiting

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