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How to Get Highly Targeted Backlinks From Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites have exploded over the past few years. The most popular site, has millions of users and a huge following. Each site’s users submit thousands of links daily as a way to keep track of their favorites and share links with their friends. For a website owner, these social bookmarking sites are a great way to build targeted backlinks to your site, bringing you improved search engine rankings and higher traffic. However, going through the process of adding your urls to all these sites is quite a time consuming task. That’s where Bookmarking Demon comes in, a great little social bookmarking tool written by Edwin Brian. Once you become familiar with the program, it makes the whole process of submitting your sites a breeze.

The first thing Bookmarking Demon does is make account creation a snap. When you first start the program, you’ll see a list of about 20 major social bookmarking sites that the program currently supports. With a click of a button you can type in your first and last name, account name, password, and email which will be used for all your accounts. Bookmarking Demon will then go off on its merry way and start creating the accounts for you.

Once that’s done, you’ll want to bookmark your site. In the Bookmark URL tab, you’ll find a place to enter your url, keywords, and description. If you just enter the url, Bookmarking Demon includes a handy shortcut which will load the keywords, and descriptions automatically from your site’s meta-tags. Now here’s the cool part. You can include multiple titles, keywords, and descriptions in the fields and if you click the randomize checkbox, Bookmarking Demon will randomly choose a title, set of keywords, and description to use for a particular social bookmarking site. This helps you avoid any duplicate content penalties, and also allows you to target several different keywords with your links! That’s a great feature.

Bookmarking Demon is a nice tool that will save you loads of time. Imagine if you have several sites you would like to promote and how much time it would take to submit them to all the different social bookmarking sites. You probably wouldn’t, because the process would be too painful. With Bookmarking Demon, this task becomes almost too easy. As a result, your sites will get indexed faster and you will develop hundreds of highly targeted, highly ranked backlinks. This will lead to improved search engine rankings and more traffic to your sites. Bookmarking Demon retails for $97 which is not cheap, so if you would like to see a case study of how I’m actually using the product, check out my BookMarking Demon Review site for a more in-depth look at the program and its features.


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Chris Fong is a recent convert to BookmarkingDemon and is a big fan. He uses it all the time to submit his sites and is impressed with the results he’s getting. Take a look at his BookmarkingDemon Review site for a more in-depth look at this social bookmarking tool.


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