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In order to be successful on the Internet it is imperative that your website has quality Backlinks coming to it. Backlinks is one of the factors that Google, and the other search engines, look at when calculating the rank that it will give to your site. So if Backlinks are so important, wouldn’t it make sense to find a way to gain more Backlinks to your site?

You may be thinking, “So how do I do this? How can I get Backlinks to my website?” Now that is a great question to ask. Up to now it has been a very manual and time consuming task where you have had to manually find Social Bookmarking sites that you can then submit your site’s details to. Each of these Bookmarking sites requires that you sign up and then log in before you can submit your site’s URL and details to be bookmarked.

Imagine the time that it takes to sign up to, say 100 different social Bookmarking sites. Then imagine the additional time that it would take to submit your site’s URL and details to each of these 100 Bookmarking websites! This would take a minimum of a few hours and that is if all goes smoothly and your computer does not freeze or sites don’t go down…

What would it mean to you if you could find a way to automate this process? So that you could enter the data of your website’s URL and details only once and then have it submitted over the coming days to around 300 social Bookmarking sites! This is huge! I speak from personal experience when I tell you that I have spent literally hours and hours submitting my site’s details to dozens of Bookmarking sites! And this is not even hundreds, but only dozens of sites. Wow!

I found Traffic Bug around 7 weeks ago, and absolutely recommend it as one of the best time-saving pieces of software that I use literally every day to gain traffic, Backlinks and increase my search engine ranking. In the past, I did all of this work manually, as I previously mentioned, but now I use Traffic Bug and it takes me only a tiny fraction of the time that it did before. I would not hesitate to recommend this quality and powerful SEO software to anyone who is serious about succeeding on the Internet.

Now, instead of spending hours doing this manual submission process, I now have more free time to spend with my family and friends. I would encourage you to do the same.


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Leanne Annett is an Internet Marketer, Photographer, Business Consultant and Life Coach. Leanne’s passions include her family, making the world a better place, empowering others, travel and photography. Find out how to get a free trial of Traffic Bug and save yourself literally hours of your time: Great Tools For All Affiliate Marketers – Traffic Bug.

Gaining Quality Backlinks Is Made Easy With Traffic Bug.

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