Social Bookmarking Software – Which is the Best?

I’ve tried them all. Auto Social Poster, Bookmarking Demon and even the free websites. After all that money, I’ve learned a few things about social bookmarking software that you need to know.

Why Bother with Bookmarking Sites?

You’re probably wondering why I even bother with this. Well, Social sites can bring a lot of backlinks very quickly. And backlinks are GOLD in Google’s eyes. So if you want to jump in the rankings, social bookmarking is the way to go. For those of you that are unaware, I’m talking about sites like Digg, Reddit,, Mixx and more. If you want to submit manually…one by one…you’re in for a long, long haul.

Digging Through the Various Software

There’s a lot of software out there and as such, each has it’s pros and cons. Many of the Software packages out there are pricey and can range from free to several hundred dollars. These programs include Auto Social Poster and Bookmarking Demon which all produced varying results from excellent, to crashing and hanging on several occasions around the 60% submission process. This was after testing with approximately 30 submissions. Needless to say this was very frustrating. The only program that sent out the submissions error-free was a 3rd program. Luckily I was able to get my money back with the other software companies.

So if you’re still submitting Social Bookmarks by hand, give it a second thought. There is mature software out in the market that can meet your needs and save you time. And we all know time is money. Good luck on your search and social bookmarking journey.

Alternative solutions you may want to look into for automated social bookmarking include Bookmarking Demon and Auto Social Poster.

To find out the 3rd Program I used visit

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