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Have you been introduced to your new friend called social bookmarking yet? If not, what is it? Social bookmarking is a way to store, share and search bookmarks created by different people. People save these bookmarks using a bookmarking service and then they make it available to the general internet public to share and view amongst themselves and others.

Why should you care about social bookmarking services?

Well, it is a fun and easy way to share your favorite websites with other people. Do you know of a website or specific webpage that other people would find interesting or useful? Then bookmark it through a social bookmarking service for others to view and enjoy.

Why should you use social bookmarking sites?

It helps to create incoming links and traffic to the sites that are bookmarked. If you submit a website address as well as some keywords, then other users might find and click on the bookmarked site. This results in little bits of visitors going to the site. It may also increase the search engine ranking.

If you choose to bookmark a site at many different social bookmarking services, then the website link will be counted as a backlink from each of the separate services. This can give a lot of backlinks to the specific website you decided to bookmark at several different social bookmarking services.

How do you social bookmark?

First you need to sign up with some popular services such as StumbleUpon, Digg, Technorati and Propeller. After that you just sign in and start to create bookmarks. It takes a couple of minutes to submit a webpage to several services, but it may be time well spent. You give some information such as the title and keywords. Give specific keywords that accurately describes the site or post so that other users searching for those keywords may find the bookmark to the webpage you submitted.

It is good to submit one or two pages or blog posts every week, since the bookmarks keep changing. They generally do not keep their initial high ranking in the search engines. After a week or two they will have been replaced by newer submissions.

You may submit one or two of your own websites or blog posts, but do not spam the services with your own work. Keep a generous balance between your own websites and other sites you regularly visit. Keep sharing useful or interesting information, articles and videos you come across while surfing the internet waves.


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Once you created a webpage or blog post with a great article and you added some PPC advert code to your website, you can get other website owners to promote your webpage by telling them about a free social bookmarking service that will automatically submit your website to different social bookmarking sites within a week or two. This way you could make money when your website get traffic from the various social bookmarks.

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