How to Start Generating Massive Traffic Using Videos! FAQ’S

Did you know that Google spent a million dollars to buyout YouTube? Do you know why Google bought out YouTube? Yes, there is so much power in videos. There are roughly a couple hundred million videos viewed in any given day. Why not tap into that market and direct those people to your website? There are many website owners understanding the power of videos. Many videos are successful, yet many fail, as with any business, you continue doing what works best for you. However, for those that have failed to attract people to the site, are you one of them? Continue reading since this will answer your questions and help you understand what part of the process you are missing.

How do you create a video the right way?
There really is no correct way to make a video. Some people have made videos using their webcams as well as their camcorders and created successful videos. Now remember these are the digital ages so like everything else, there is a much simpler process. There already are successful traffic-pulling videos consisting of slides and music. Is it astonishing that simple videos are able to fine the targeting traffic and drive them right to your site? This is so simple to do! Using an Animoto free service, your 30-second video is just a few steps away! All you need to do is upload 20 photos along some music…Presto you are finished!

Why don’t my videos attract visitors?
Many things can contribute to this, mainly a dry, uninteresting video. No one wants to watch something that is not interesting. Do you? Please, watch your video again with a very critical eye and have a friend or family member provide a critical review. Make sure there is humor mixed with shock or cute factors. These are what catch people’s attention.

What creates a great eye-catching title?

A great title is one that consists of shocking words or denotes something humorous. Your main goal is to grab people’s attention; by the words used or by using all caps in the first few words of the title. The use of superlatives is over used. Everyone has the ultimate something, just input a noun after “ultimate”; for instance, the ultimate

What is the best way to optimize for a search engine?

Well, search engines uses text content, therefore, a title rich in keywords is the best way to optimize your video for searching. In addition, make sure you link your videos to multiple prime websites, blogs, and social network sites that contain a rich assortment of your targeted keywords.

What is the right length for a video?

A video should not be too long, as you do not want the people to shut it off before the end. Think of your favorite TV show, how long are the commercials? Usually, 30 seconds to one minute, with the whole break roughly 2-4 minutes long. A video running no more than 2 minutes is just fine. You are able to provide just enough information to get them to go to your site. If you give them all of the information, why do they need to go to your website?

Why are there are plenty of viewers but few visitors?

Yes, common problem, many videos attract tons of viewers resulting in very few visitors. There are a few ways to fix this problem.

1. Check to see if the website is present or viewable.

2. Use your domain name/URL to watermark the video

3. Tell the viewers to go to your site for more videos and information

4. Mention your URL when responding to comments

Video Intro Created by Animoto

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Cool Music Video Intro’s From Photos

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