The AdWords Manifesto Review – Is the AdWords Manifesto Legitimate?

The AdWords Manifesto by Michael Jones is a brand new product that brings in new techniques for minimizing costs and increasing the effectiveness of PPC marketing. It teaches you how to create a landing page that is both Google friendly as well as great for converting visitors as well as delving deeply into the quality score algorithm to the point where you will be able to accurately guess your cost per click for various keywords.

As Michael Jones says, this is not a garbage 25 page AdWords eBook like those that come out weekly. This is a blueprint that teaches you from start to finish how to get cheap highly targeted traffic to your website through PPC and display advertising. It also doesn’t just cover AdWords or even just PPC for that matter, it spans a range of topics including display advertisements (banner marketing), seo, organic traffic, and monetization. Creating good ad copy is harder than it sounds but that is not the emphasis of this book, you can go to any forum and learn how to write a 60 character title, the AdWords Manifesto system focuses in on the subtle details such as landing page keyword density, making everything on the page crawler friendly, etc. By doing so, Google will think you have the most relevant ads and as a result you can advertise on the first page for cheaper than the people on the fifth page that have no idea what they are doinng.

I am an experienced internet marketer and I always give honest reviews, if I don’t like something I won’t give it a positive review because my credibility is at stake. Despite my experience, I can honestly say that I learned quite a few tricks from The AdWords Manifesto, which is rare because most internet marketing ebooks are just the same rehashed material spun in a new way, while this truly introduces new techniques. I will say that I was impressed by this product, I was not expecting to get as much out of it that I did and I am proud to review it on my website.

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For a more in depth review of the AdWords Manifesto feel free to check out the AdWords Manifesto Review.

James Spinosa is an internet marketer and entrepreneur, to find more reviews by James you can visit Digital Product Reviews.

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