Website Traffic Boils Down to 3 Basic Forms

Website traffic is absolutely necessary for you to profit in your online business, but there’s so many different ways out there to attain website traffic it drives a newbie absolutely nuts. Here’s the big picture of how website traffic works.

In general, website traffic comes in 3 basic forms:

Paid. Pay Per Click Advertising is the most well-known form of paid online traffic. You pay for each click visitors make to get to your website. Solo ads are also a popular way to advertise because your ad is the only one seen in an entire mailing list when sent out in a newsletter one day , giving you complete attention. Some classified ads also involve a fee in order to be posted. Both off and online, paid advertising is the traditional way of getting your business noticed.

Natural. This is none other than search engine optimization. Choosing the right keywords and keyword phrases are crucial to proper SEO. You want your articles, web pages, and blog posts to be seen as easily as possible when someone types in your keyword phrase. You hope they would find you on the first page of a Google search.

Masses, Nodes and Hubs. This is perhaps the most effective way of gaining website traffic and back links to your pages. Rather than you have traffic searching to find you, you go to where the traffic is. Website directories, article directories, social bookmarking sites, ezines, You Tube, forums and social networks are chock full of traffic. You just need to find a way to slide your website or article right into these areas under appropriate categories, and you are more likely to get the most targeted visitors. Because of all the intra-linking going on in these places, chances of visibility on the search engines is very high.

So how do you know which ones to use?

The answer all depends on your budget and how willing you are make use of these methods. I say go for all of them and use them as appropriate. I like to write, so article marketing appeals to me. If you love doing videos and can make them useful as well as entertaining to your audience, go for it. Perhaps, you’ve been the most successful with pay per click campaigns. As long as you obey the rules, do whatever method to get traffic to your website that suits your website, your personality and your budget.


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