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How to Get Backlinks From Your Competitors the Easy Way

When it comes to getting traffic from the search engines you have to realize that the most important factor is getting great links from other sites who are in your market & who are higher ranked then you. The good news is that if you know what you are doing – this is pretty easy to do.

Secret #1:

You have to realize that if Google catches you buying links – they will ban you from the search engines. There are sites that will sell you links to sites in your market for a monthly fee.

Most of these sites are watched by Google and when they see that you have bought a link from one of these places, they will drop you from the rankings in no time flat.

Secret #2:

But if you can not buy them, how can you get on a competitors website? The easiest way is to buy a banner ad from them.

That won’t get you in trouble because it is actually a real ad that is on a site.

And the by product of this banner ad is you get a link that should have SEO value. Google knows full well that banner advertising is legitimate way to get more traffic and I have never heard of anyone being penalized for having a banner ad.

So go out and buy some ads and eventually those links will start to show up and you should start getting some great traffic to your site with your new higher rankings.

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