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High Commission Affiliate Program

If you’re going to spend your time researching niches, writing content or outsourcing it, building backlinks, etc.. you might as well do it for a product that’s going to pay out a high commission.

It takes just as much to sell a product that pays you $47 as it does one that pays $600+ per sale.

I know of and use a high commission affiliate program that offers the following benefits besides the super high affiliate commissions.

We want you to make as much money as possible with as little effort as possible. So to that effect, here are the primary benefits you’ll enjoy as one of our super affiliates.

High, 2-Tier Commissions. We pay generous commissions for every direct (first tier) sale you make. For some of our products, this is over $700 per sale. Additionally, you can earn a significant second-tier commission every time an affiliate you refer to us makes a sale. Second-tier commissions are awesome, and are truly the easiest and laziest way to make a TON OF CASH.

Low Payment Threshold & Frequent Payments. We pay you if your commission balance is at least $50, and we pay you EVERY MONTH… that means you get paid QUICKLY and OFTEN.

Dedicated Affiliate Manager. Our goal is run a world-class affiliate program for you. To do that, we have a dedicated affiliate manager whose sole purpose is to make you successful by getting you all the marketing materials and support you need. He does all the “heavy lifting”. You collect the checks.

Reliable Management Software. We use the proven, highly-reliable affiliate management software 1ShoppingCart. This dedicated affiliate software ensures that all of your referrals are accurately counted and makes it a snap for you to keep track of your commissions!

3-Year Cookie For Return Visitors. When you refer a visitor to our websites, a cookie is stored on their computer for 3 years. This means that even if they leave our websites and come back later to make a purchase, you’ll still earn a commission for up to 3 years!

Manual Referral Auditing. Whenever we take an order, we ask your referral where they heard about us. That way we make sure you get credit for all your referrals. This “low tech” backup system is just a redundant process we do behind the scenes to make sure you make as much money as possible.

This affiliate program has 4 products that pay out over $680 per sale, 1 that pays out over $450, one that pays out over $170 and the last that pays out over $80.

This is a well established program that has been in business online for nearly a decade. They offer affiliate tools to help you make money with their program.



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