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Is the Mini-Site Method a Proven Income System Or Just Another Fad?

Can the Spawning of Simple Mini Sites Really Make You Serious Cash?

Mini Sites, micro-sites or simple sites have a very definite place in your arsenal of online income generators. Love them or despise them, these sites work, but only if you set them up correctly, and there is the crux of the matter. As with any income generator some methods work much better than others.

How you construct simple sites depends on how you plan to monetize and promote them. Lets talk about monetizing them first.

AdSense is the obvious super fast earner, whereby you create some desirable content, article, press release or a couple of pages of info about a single aspect of a subject and insert that into your mini site. For example how to apply French style to finger nails.

Go along to Google and do a search for this aspect. Make sure there are advertisers for a product in this category and if there then are proceed. Once the info has been loaded to micro site then create a Google AdSense account and insert the ad formats in your page. That is it for Google AdSense. Load the code to the website and publish. Google will then share their income from advertisers who use your little page to place their ads. You can churn a mini site like this in minutes and there are a whole bunch of simple programs out there which can do it for you.

CPA or cost per action or lead is another great method to use for your mini site, but you need to qualify with the networks that offer this mechanism. This can take a while but once you are in, they will require you to put a form on your web site page from which they will gather e-mail details or contacts for the visitors to your mini site. Some companies will pay you just for an e-mail address or zip code. Others want a little more, but the beauty is that the visitor doesn’t have to buy anything from you and you still get paid by the network.

Affiliate Networks are the next most popular method of monetizing any website. This is where you select from a huge pool of subjects, usually, but not always digital or info products, and then market these from simple site. Joel Peterson’s mini site formula details exactly how to go about this in excruciating detail. The list of possible affiliate networks is huge and more spring up everyday.The new guy on the block using similar techniques is Marcus Campbell except he calls his sites simple sites – frankly I prefer the latter as the methods are even easier

eBay Partner Network is a great method to use on your simple sites. The merchandise that eBay sells in a single day is staggering although you don’t have to peddle hardware, but simply link products that are being sold on eBay with the subject of your mini site. Commissions are paid by eBay for the sales generated through your mini sites.I cannot stress enough the huge benefits to a mini site owner who uses the visitor traffic from eBay everyday to promote their mini sites. Another sneaky method is to link your mini sites from the eBay About Me pages.

If you cannot see the benefit that a mini-site can give you then you need to read this again carefully because you missed the point. Super fast to build, very easy, not much technical ability required and that has the potential to generate money everyday for years without interference from you. Sounds ideal because it is!

The mini & simple site formula shows you how to scale your business to be able to generate thousands of these sites and still be able to monitor and control their development without losing your sanity. What would you rather do? struggle building hundreds of pages to create an authority site or push a couple of buttons and generate an ongoing residual income. Me, I prefer the easy way out – simple sites for me, thank you Joel & Marcus, your mini site formula is working wonders for my bank account.

Yes, it takes a bit of a mind shift to look at this with new eyes but there I can help you. Check out my bio box where you will find a report which puts a whole new spin on thinking small. The Mini-step Mindset report is free to download and is a perfect companion to the mini site Formula. These sites should be part of your online income arsenal. Don’t write-off mini sites because they are tiny and easy to implement.

Michael Jones is an international businessman, photographer & self-made man who has been making his income online since 2002
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