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List Building Tips – How to Build Your Own List Using Cost-Per-Action Marketing

If you thought CPA (Cost-Per-Action) offers were only restricted to affiliate marketers, then you need to think again! One way to get rich from CPA is to use it to build your own list rather than sending your traffic to other websites. Instead, you can get other marketers to send traffic to your website.

Get the scoop on how to build your own list using cost-per-action marketing:

Step #1: Get Your Free Offer Ready

To start building your list, you will obviously need a free offer to send traffic to. This can be a free report, software, audio tutorial or video tutorial. The main thing is that it has to be a desirable product with benefits that people will want to give their email address for.

Step #2: Sign Up At A CPA Network

Start joining CPA networks like The Biz Opp Network, Hydra Media and These sites are extremely powerful as they give you access to their affiliates, the ones who will be promoting your site!

Step #3: Get Your Offer Approved

It is usually quite easy to get your offer approved. The idea is to show them that you know what you are doing and you are not a greenhorn in the game. Make sure your site and your offer looks professional, sound professional on the phone, and you should get your offer approved and get hooked up with an account manager who will manage your account.

Step #4: Test And Track Your Campaign

You will usually be required to start with a budget of a few hundred dollars up to a few thousand dollars on the high-end. Make sure you test and track your campaign, have a solid back-end sales funnel (filled with up-sells, down-sells and the like) so that your campaign turns a profit. If you find that you are at least breaking even and building your list, pause your campaign and refine your offers.

Building your list with CPA marketing is one of the fastest ways to grow a massive list, but there is a price involved, both in monetary terms and in time spent. But once your system is well oiled, so to speak, you will have a solid lead funnel you can count on.


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