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There is no point in spending hours upon hours standing up a phenomenal site if there is no way to find it without directly typing the URL into the address bar. Who does that these days? Do you?

There is no way that any of your potential customers are going to pull the name of your site off the top of there head. So what alternatives does this lead for you to generate traffic? Well there are two forms of traffic that you can resort to paid or free.

Paid traffic may eventually get you on the path that you want to be on but there could potential been dozens of painful bruises along the way as you learn about the Google slap and that clicks can be costly and run up to hundreds and thousands of dollars in a hurry. If you have the money to burn through to get everything tweaked the way it needs to be in order to turn a profit then this might be the fastest way to start getting visitors to your site.

However, if your like most new online marketers you didn’t start seeking a steady income online because you had an abundance of cash stored up from your previous job that you are ready to burn through on trial and error. That leaves you with one alternative.

Its time to start learning to drive that free traffic. For this we are obviously going to look at Google. Since they are boss when it comes to internet traffic. If you can rise to the top of their organic charts you won’t be far behind on Yahoo or MSN.

Getting to the top of Google for any keyword will send you traffic before you even knew what hit you. One of the things that will make or break you on this is knowing the keyword that you are trying to get to the top for. That way you can aim your site at that particular keyword.

Keyword research, even though it may take a little effort and time if done properly with the right supporting work will without fail get you atop the charts for the keyword of your desire.


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