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Page Rank Theory

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PageRank is not that complicated as it seems. Most of the people got confused about this. It usually discussed by the Search Engine Marketing (SEO) experts. It’s a mathematically formula which search engine applies on every website to evaluate its importance. We can say the points (rank) that is given by a search engine to a website.

Let’s go with the definition

“PageRank terminology introduce by the google. They say that PageRank shows the number of links those points to a websites. Also quality of back link effect on PageRank”

 Aspects of Page Rank

Page Rank is the numeric value for a web page which shows how important page that is.
Lets talk about the elements involve in PageRank. Very first thing is the backlink from a site to that page. Back link is not all and all. The quality of back link does matter. We can’t relay only on the all the back links because most of the back links don’t even count by the google. Some Backlinks got filter. For example link farms and not cached pages etc.

What is Backlink?

Back Link is an internet language word. In simple words it’s the synonyms of vote. For example there are two Sites one is SiteX and the other one is SiteY. If SiteX placing the link of SiteY on its page. That means SiteX is casting a BackLink (vote) for SiteY. After this the google spider reviews how much quality vote is it?

Google PageRank Toolbar:

There is a toolbar that has been given by the Google. You can install it your computers that will add into your internet explorer toolbar. There are many options are in it. Most common options are given below.

 Search the web
 Navigate to the google news site
 Popup blocker
 Check spelling of text
 Automatically form filler
 Auto link (Looks for postal addresses on the current page)
 Word finder
 Last but not the least PageRank bar

If you take a look at PageRank its like a bar which shows the points from 0 to 10.when ever point increases from 0 towards 9 the bar fills with the green color. Which show how important that page is. These points narrate like a logarithmic scale.


Toolbar PageRank (log base 10) Real PageRank
0 0  -  10
1 100  -  1000
2 1000   -  10, 000
3 10000   -  100, 000
4 100, 000   - 1000, 000
5 And so on……
These rank changed every time after Google PR update. If a page has no PR than the rank bar get into grey color which mean your pages hasn’t cached by the Google or Google hasn’t index it yet. 0 pr of page shows that page can be panelized by the Google or hasn’t got the quality vote from other pages on the internet.
Page Rank Formula by Google:

According to Google;
“We assume page A has pages  which point to it (i.e., are citations). The parameter d is a damping factor which can be set between 0 and 1. We usually set d to 0.85.  ‘d’ will explain more in the next section. Formula of collecting PageRank of a page A is given as follows:


That’s a bit difficult to understand. Let apply the Alkhwazmi Principle on it and divide the problem (formula) into small pieces so we can easy to understand and solve as well.

PR(A) : Pagerank of the page A
C(Tn): Number of links on the PR(Tn) where Page A link is placed
PR(Tn): Pagerank of all those pages who link to page A. ‘n’ is the total of those links.
PR(Tn)/C(Tn): That’s very easy to understand it gives the share weightage of the vote from the site that is linking to SiteA.
D & (1-d): ‘D’ it’s the damping factor the possibility of not clicking a link by the random
surfer. It’s value lies between 0 - 0.85. We can calculate the minimum page rank by      

If you want to calculate your page rank you can put all the value in that formula. So that can give you figure of your PageRank Which can be inaccurate but apply again and again until you get the correct. You must use this formula to evaluate your Page rank so you can make an effective strategy of getting higher Rank in Google.

Importance of Page Rank:

If you have a website than you’ll understand how important that part of search engine optimization is. Your entire online success based just on PageRank. If you don’t have a good rank in search engine it doesn’t matter how good you are in your field. But on internet you never can get online success. You should understand the formula ‘Algorithm’ and also the requirements of getting good PageRank.

• Always beware of you link partners.
• Exchange link with the quality sites which are index by the Google.
• That site should have a good pr and also quality content as well.
• That worthy vote affects a lot on your Page Rank.
• Don’t ever exchange link with a panelized website which is banned by Google.
• Don’t take much at the same time and for a single keyword.
• Divide link between top 10 to 20 keywords.
• Don’t forget to apply PageRank formula for the better strategy.

If you have a website than you’ll understand how important that part of search engine optimization is. Your entire online success based just on PageRank
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